Cover: Albrecht Duerer's engraving Knight, Death, and Devil (1513).

Ruling-Class Values:
We Must Revive Them or Perish

Number 99, March 1984

Editorial: Men of Valor


Brief Commentary

The Tragedy of Argentina
The Whitest nation in Latin America has an extraordinarily large number of Jews, who have now fastened a firm grip on the government.

Rudyard Kipling: White Man's Poet
Most of the strong racial sentiment in Kipling's poetry has been carefully omitted by modern anthologists.

Names in the News

One Man's Striving, part 5
During the 1930s William Simpson's view of the world became wholly Cosmotheist, and the change left behind many friends from his Christian period.

The Death of Free Speech
The outlawing of free speech in Canada is a frightening warning of what lies ahead for the United States.

Times and Manners

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