Cover: Der Rächer, Arno Breker, 1941

Fighting Back:
It is Necessary for Racial Survival

Number 117, March-April 1997

Editorial: Four More Years


Brief Commentary
A University president from a saner era; the Clinton War Cabinet; easing Shakespeare out the door; Afrocentric nuttiness; more...

Two Lessons in Racial Survival
Kevin MacDonald's A People That Shall Dwell Alone and Dan Cohn-Sherbok's The Crucified Jew complement each other in illustrating the Jewish strategy of survival.

Miscegenation: The Morality of Death
The controlled entertainment media are spearheading the promotion of miscegenation and genocide under the cloak of "equality."

Aryans: Culture Bearers to China
The discovery of European mummies in western China and a European skeleton in America's Pacific Northwest are causing the rethinking of the origin of Chinese civilization.

Henry Williamson: Nature's Visionary
Britain's most gifted Nature writer also was a courageous National Socialist. His work is now beginning to emerge from the Memory Hole.

Anti-Patriotic Repression in Germany
The brutally enforced system of Political Correctness in Germany is a model which the Jews and their allies aim to impose on the Western world.

Friends in Germany: The National Democratic Party
Profile and interview with party chairman Udo Voigt.

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