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Added March 20, 2005

Item number: 1035
Nicholas Carter

Besides pointing out a host of facts that Christians will no doubt find inconvenient, this book by Nicholas Carter sheds considerable light on the Jewish way of thinking, delving into their neurotic mentality to uncover the reasons behind the religions they invented, including Christianity and Judaism. Literature written at a time that would have been contemporary with Jesus contains no reference to him whatever. The four gospels were written in the middle of the 2nd century. Carter explains that the popularity of Christianity had much to do with the desperation of the great masses of people during the decay of the Roman Empire. A new Eastern magian religion would not have prospered during earlier days when Rome was White and strong. But during its latter days, Rome's miserable citizens were easy marks for a religion that promised them a Heaven after death.

212 pages ----- Soft Cover

Item number: 429
John Tyndall

The autobiography of John Tyndall, the man who helped lead the National Front in the United Kingdom in the 1970's and 80's and who formed the British National Party, which gained 5% of the national vote in 2004. This British leader's activism spans a half a century. This is a must read for all political activists.

549 pages ----- Soft Cover

Item number: 1186
Scott Berg

This book contains approximately 100 B&W photos. This book is a biography about one of America's most famous sons; Charles A. Lindbergh. The author doesn't seem to like or dislike Lindbergh. There is some bias and a few bits of erroneous information, but overall it tells the life of Lindbergh in a clear enough manner to let the reader come away with the necessary information about this great man. Published in 1998; this book is one of the best in recent times. Large book with dust jacket

628 pages ----- Hard Cover

Item number: 1104
Henk Van de Graaf and Dr. Chris Jordaan

This book is an in-depth accounting of the property rights that are supposed to exist in South Africa and all the violations that the Black government has done in violation of these rights. First printed in 1999, five years after the tragic mistake of giving away the white country to blacks; this book tells what is rarely heard in the West. Informative.

202 pages ----- Soft Cover

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