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16 April 04
New Activities

I will be undertaking work on some of the National Alliance's publications. As a result of this new responsibility, my news analysis work will be posted from time to time on the National Vanguard news site, but this page will disappear.

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Lewis Stirling

15 April 04
So Much for Inclusion and Protecting Workers

In the past on this page, I discussed how the labor unions struggle over whether to do what is best for its members, the workers; or to follow Marxist and leftist ideologies. Normally the Marxist and leftist ideologues who control the management and make up the "activists" of the unions win:

A teachers' union is exploring ways to defend itself from infiltration by members of "racist and fascist" organisations.

Delegates at the NASUWT teachers' conference voted to explore a rule change to allow it to exclude members of organisations such as the British National Party.

And it is to campaign for a law change to defend the rights of trade unions to deny membership to such people....

Defending itself means preventing people with other points of view from being members. Is the union going to "defend" itself from members of communist organizations and those who belong to organizations which represent African, Arab, Indian, Pakistani or other non-White interests? No, of course not. These people are already in the union. These are Politically Correct organizations.

So now there will be a search. Teachers beware. Don't drift from the Politically Correct line:

............After the vote, the union's deputy general secretary, Chris Keates, said it would now explore changing its rules to prevent members of the BNP from being members.

Asked how they would be identified, she said people might become aware of their activities and report them.

"But I'm not going to pretend it's an easy thing to do. The TUC is wrestling with this as well," she said.

People were joining trade unions then, if they were expelled for racist activities, were suing the union and using the damages to fund their activities.

A change of rule would protect the union from such action.

"We find abhorrent everything that these organisations stand for. They have a right to be members of these organisations but not to be members of NASUWT."

If they want to ban BNP members, then the union leadership defiantly should be asked to ban any body who belongs to an organization which represents racial or ethnic special interests (African, Asian, Arab...) or which want to destroy liberties (like the communists). And if they refuse, what does it say about the people who a moulding the minds of children?

BBC News Online at the NASUWT conference

Members of Non-White Racist Groups Attack College Republicans

The race war at UCLA heats up:

A group of students displayed fliers outlining the alleged racism of conservative leaders throughout U.S. history and posters portraying members of Bruin Republicans as Nazis at a table on Bruin Walk on Monday.....

......The students belonged to various groups on campus, such as the African Student Union and MEChA, but maintain they were not acting on behalf of the groups.

BR was specifically targeted for various programs it has put on over the past few years.

In particular, students said they were offended by BR's campaign against MEChA during winter quarter and the affirmative action bake sale last year – which sold goods to students at different prices based on their race and gender.......

When these things happen it would always be nice to have a flyer: The African Student Union is looking out for African interests. MEChA is looking out for Mestizo interests. If you are White, National Alliance is looking out for your interests.

Display targets Bruin Republicans Student groups depict allegations of Nazism, racism on Bruin Walk

From Whigger to Super-Human Makeover?

Ellen Goodman complains in a recent column about that TV show The Swan:

...........In fact, the medical profession expresses few qualms about self-improvement by surgery. But there's endless unease about species improvement by genetic makeovers. (Anyone want to copyright a show called "Eugenics"?)

In the April issue of The Atlantic Monthly, moral philosopher Michael Sandel makes an elegant argument for "The Case Against Perfection." One of the dangers of genetic enhancement and engineering, he writes, "is that they represent a Promethean aspiration to remake nature, including human nature, to serve our purposes and satisfy our desires."

It's a desire that lessens our ability to accept what he calls "the given."

Of course, makeovers, even the most extreme, are only skin deep. They don't change the DNA. They may say more about human folly than human nature. But Prometheus had nothing on the Fox producers. The point of "The Swan" is that people are manmade. And remade............

Whereas the TV show appears to be terrible, Goodman does bring up some Politically Correct points about which we should think, and reject.

If Prometheus gave us fire, we should use it. Why shouldn't "the given" be changed? And even though "perfection" cannot be achieved, we should not use that as an excuse to avoid "better".

We divide the world into man and nature. A man and a woman have sex and make a new person. This is considered natural even though the process totally involved two humans and therefore the baby was "man made". DNA was reshuffled. Sometimes DNA mutates. Suppose this is done on a rational basis, rather than on a random selection basis? If one is having sex and creating new life, isn't one "playing God"?

It is time for our society to have a "make over"from Whigger toward something even better than just current Humanity.

Television takes a 'Swan' dive

Whatever the Jews Want

The killing, kidnapping and chaos have now reached new levels in this Iraq war, in which the Jewish lobby has forced on the US. So now that the Arabs are really upset at the US, what is next? Why not really provoke the Arabs and show the world how truly the US government is under the control of the Jewish lobby by stating the US government supports Israel retaining part of the West Bank and not allowing the Arab refugees to return home:

There was no disguising the delight on the face of Ariel Sharon yesterday as he stood at the White House hearing some of the most supportive remarks ever delivered to an Israeli leader by an American president.

Not only had President George W Bush implicitly given his blessing to the idea of Israel retaining parts of the West Bank but he had implied that the decades-old aspiration of Palestinian refugees to return to their pre-1949 homes was doomed.....

.............The harshness of the Palestinian response suggested that Mr Bush might face difficulties in playing the role of an honest broker in any future negotiations......

Now the following item in this article has a comical spin. Certainly if President Bush was not under the control of the Jewish lobby, he would have said, "With the crises in Iraq, we have made the Arab world really mad, so unless you make some major concessions to the Arabs and help us out, we will be forced to withdraw our support from Israel". Who really needs whom here? Does the US need Israel to survive or does Israel need the US to survive? Perhaps, Bush needs the Jewish lobby to survive:

..........Mr Sharon calculated that he could drive a hard bargain with Mr Bush because the president would not want to pick a fight with Israel during the crisis over Iraq.......

Sharon delighted by Bush's backing

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Lewis Stirling

13 April 04
David Duke at Negropolis at Night and at Office during the Day

David Duke has been released from prison and has been sent to a half-way house in Baton Rouge. I visited him there late Sunday afternoon.

One of the local news stations decided to track David's location down, put it on TV, and then interviewed and stirred up the local African population.

David is located in an area called Mall City which was located behind Baton Rouge’s first major mall, Bon Marche. Mall City was zoned light industrial and had attracted many businesses about 25 years ago. But then like a metastasising melanoma, Africans began to seep into the housing in the area from the already cannibalized inner city. It soon became a war zone. Bon Marche Mall closed as suspects replaced prospects as shoppers. Mall City now has many gutted buildings, welfare housing and a half-way house. It has one of the city's highest murder and crime rates. When I went into the area, I saw absolutely no Whites and when I was at the half-way house, I saw no Whites except for David.

One person asked me, "What are they trying to do, kill him?" That is a perceptive question. In a Federal prison, if something happens, the Feds would be responsible. And with large staffs, video cameras and accountability systems, there would be too many complications. But a low security facility, not run by the Feds in the middle of the negropolis, the Feds have a fig leaf to cover themselves.

During the day, David will be at his office in Mandeville. Then at night it is back to "Maul" City.

Local Tories after BNP Voters, Major Parties Fearful of BNP

Although the UK does have speech codes and limits civil liberties, democracy sometimes does break out:

Michael Howard was forced to reprimand Tory party workers yesterday after they claimed that "Conservatives feel just as strongly on key issues like asylum and immigration" as the BNP....

..............In an explicit appeal to potential BNP voters, local Tories pointed out that its vote had helped keep a Labour councillor in office in a previous election and said that the party felt just as strongly as the BNP about asylum and immigration. The leaflet, distributed in the Northfield ward of the city, adds, however: "We will campaign without stirring up racial hatred. Please remember this if the BNP tempts you."..........

This is very nice ending for the news item:

........All three mainstream parties fear that the BNP will make significant gains and could even see their first MEP elected in the North-West or North-East.

Howard blasts Tory activists for BNP gaffe

Old South, White-African Segregation; New South, White- African-Mestizo Segregation

Some schools have given up proms due to the racial problems. In others, White flight to the suburbs and parallel private and public school systems have effectively created segregated schools. In others:

It was hard enough to choose whether to attend the white prom or the black prom at Toombs County High School, but Yuri Flores hit another roadblock after she made her decision.

When the Hispanic student and a friend tried to purchase tickets for the white prom, a girl with the prom committee wanted to know if their dates were white, black or Hispanic.

''She told me that it was a white prom - not a Mexican prom, not a black prom,'' Hart said. ''It made me feel mad. That's not right. I wanted to put my fist in her face.''

So Flores rallied their friends and formed the Hispanic/Latino Prom Committee for their own celebration to be held May 8 - the day after the white students' event. Three weeks before that, black students are holding their prom.....

The forces of Political Correctness constantly work on trying to force people together who don't want to be forced together. They are often defeated. Social Marxism is bent on an insane, but futile crusade to defeat the laws of biology.

Race keeps high school celebrations separated Three proms planned

Out of the Mouth of an African

There have been numerous stories about Africans attempting to get reparations for slavery. The points have been made several times on this page about how the Africans are better off today and the Whites worse off today due to slavery, and if the Africans want to calculate for reparations, Whites should be able to counterclaim for costs and damages caused by the Africans.

But a refreshing admission occurred from one of the members of the "victim class" in a discussion regarding a Confederate monument:

........"Don't apologize for slavery," said Supervisor Joe Wren Sr., who is black. "I wouldn't be sitting here today if it weren't for slavery."

One would suspect he has an idea what Africa must be like. He came out much better than the decedents of the Africans who sold his ancestors.

Supervisors OK Civil War monument

Out of the Mouth of a Filipino

Columnist Michelle Malkin can always say thing Whites dare not say in the dominant press. She is on top of the "hate" crime hoax racket:

EVER SINCE self-defacing teen Tawana Brawley smeared feces all over herself, scrawled "KKK" and "nigger" on her skin, climbed into a trash bag and blamed it on racist cops, America has been victimized by publicity-seekers so desperate for attention that they fake the hate by any means necessary.......

.........I've reported before on the hate-crime hoax phenomenon at Arizona State University (where Muslim student Ahmad Saad Nasim faked assaults against himself to exploit the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks) and at the University of Mississippi (where black students falsely blamed racist vandalism against fellow black students on whites).

The latest case of apparently manufactured racism involves left-wing academic Kerri Dunn. On March 9, the Claremont McKenna College visiting professor of psychology claimed she discovered anti-Semitic, anti-black, anti-female epithets spray-painted on her 1992 Honda Civic. The windows were smashed and the tires slashed.....

Tawana Brawley Goes to College

One Parasite Decoupled, Others Approved

Many are familiar about the fight going on between MEChA, and the College Republicans and other Conservative groups. MEChA is the college based, anti-White, reconquista Mestizo organization. The struggle is having an effect:

........Among those groups that did not receive special-fees funding were MEChA, the Axe Committee, the Mind’s Eye and the Stanford Progressive. The announcement of MEChA as the only member of the Students of Color Coalition to be rejected for special fees seemed to dismay many in the room, including Garcia, who did not veil her displeasure....

.......During fall quarter, MEChA had been targeted by the Stanford Review, the University's conservative newspaper, which alleged that MEChA's founding documents contained racist statements.

" Not getting special fees this year won’t affect MEChA directly as much as it will effect the Chicano / Latino community at Stanford as a whole," said the group's co-chair, sophomore Francisco Cendejas. "The MEChA special fee is the largest single contributor to nearly every major event for the community, including events that are planned by or for students who aren’t regular members."

Although they talk about racism, what is the "Students of Color Coalition"? Isn't that a euphuism for "Everybody but Whitey"? Although MEChA didn't receive their money, apparently the other non-White groups received theirs. The other parasites are still feeding.

Special fees winners announced; results spark controversy

A Politically Correct Group versus the Supremely Politically Correct Group

African leaders can say almost anything they want about Whites. But, they had better not say anything about the Jews or their interests:

Cynthia McKinney, Georgia's first black congresswoman, wants her old seat back, and her biggest challenge may be getting voters to look beyond her past....

........She claimed the Bush administration did nothing to stop the attacks because the president's friends stood to profit. She scolded New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani for turning down a $10 million gift for the victims' families from Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, after the prince suggested U.S. policies toward the Mideast were partly to blame for the attacks. (She then asked the prince to give the money instead to her home district.)

McKinney also drew criticism for speaking out in support of Palestinian causes in Israel and in opposition of American sanctions on Iraq before the war......

..........Before his daughter's 2002 defeat, Billy McKinney spelled out on television the reason he believed she faced such a tough battle: ''J-E-W-S.'' During his daughter's 1996 re-election campaign, he called her Republican opponent a ''racist Jew.''...........

Former congresswoman goes after old seat

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Lewis Stirling

9 April 04
The Deadly Conflict of Interest

The public is familiar with the financial failure of large companies due to looting made possible by unchecked conflicts of interest. Auditors who were supposed to be independently monitoring companies to protect their shareholders interests were also involved in making money in consulting to the companies' managements. Stockbrokers and financial advisors who where supposed to be representing the interests of their clients also made money from companies by promoting the very same stock they were recommending to their clients. Members of management would set up their own companies to conduct business with the major companies they were supposed to be managing. Managements made all sorts of purchases for the managements' use in the companies' names. Everyone seemed to have an agenda that worked against the interests of the stockholders.

People fully realize this in business, but what about in the government and the media? How about a situation in which lives, as well as, money are being spent?

Unfortunately we have this in government and the media today. Instead of stockholders, there are voters and citizens. And there is a group which does not have the interests of the voters and the citizens of this country in mind, but owe allegiance to another state and another people. The interests of this other state and people have brought 9-11 on us, the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, massive financial burdens, diplomatic problems around the globe and deaths of soldiers and civilians.

The terrorists have clearly indicated their attacks on us are due to our military, financial and diplomatic support of Israel and its activities. As someone once said, "Israel is described as America's only ally in the Middle East. But does anyone ever remember the US having enemies in the Middle East before Israel?"

The Jews have seized key areas in the government and dominate the media. If there is something wrong in the government, does anyone believe Jewish reporters and editors, and those Gentiles who rely on the Jewish management for their paychecks would dare bring the problems up?

We were attacked because of our government's support of Israel and its agenda. The U.S. attacked Iraq because of its support of the Palestinians and Iraq provides the backdoor to Syria, another country Israel hates.

As long as our media and our government is in the hands of people who have an agenda different from ours, we will be victimized. As long as our government addresses the symptom, terrorism, and not the disease, Israel's depravity, there won't be peace.

Notice just another description on how we got into this mess:

...........White House national security adviser Condoleezza Rice said on Thursday the administration discussed "doing something against Iraq" after the Sept. 11 attacks but President Bush's top aides advised against it.

"There was a discussion of Iraq," Rice told the commission investigating the Sept. 11 attacks. She said the issue of Iraq was raised by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and "pressed a bit" by his deputy, Paul Wolfowitz.................

Rice: Bush Aides Discussed Doing Something Vs Iraq

In this question and answer game concerning what was known, when was it known and what was done about it, no one will ever bring up the fact that Fox news uncovered the fact that Israeli intelligence had film crews on site during the attack on the Twin Towers. Apparently they knew ahead of time and failed to notify the US. It was more in their interests to let it happen in order to focus the American public on attacking the Arabs and Moslems.

The African Brain

A while back, a Washington, D. C. employee landed in trouble for using the word niggardly. Although the word is not related to the "N-Word", the Africans went ape.

Something similar has now happened in New Orleans:

Verl Emrick, hired last week as executive director of the New Orleans City Planning Commission, will not try to hold onto the post in the face of growing controversy over a comment he made his first day on the job, commission Chairman Marshall Truehill said Wednesday.....

.........Mayor Ray Nagin said he considers Emrick's use of the term "tar baby" during a meeting with the planning staff "definitely inappropriate" and "absolutely unacceptable." Nagin said he "can't imagine that in 2004 that someone would make those comments."......

..........Although it is defined in the dictionary as "a persistent encumbrance" or "something from which it is nearly impossible to extricate oneself," the term "tar baby" also has been used as a racial epithet..............

I have never heard it used as a racial epithet; although, whenever one becomes involved with the Africans, one becomes stuck in a mess.

It is hard to imagine anyone who would want to stay on and work with such a screwed up group. What happens if he is talking about a children's park development and he uses the term "jungle gym" or "monkey bars" for the equipment? How does he tip around mentioning the City Zoo? It is a no win situation. Eventually a White person is going to offend these Third-World employers. Anything can set them off. Talk about cleaning up the streets or crime: they think they are code words for getting rid of the Africans. If possible Africans must be avoided.

'Tar baby' phrase dooms new hire

More Politically Correct European Union Nuttiness

Steve Jones, a professor of genetics at University College London and the President of what was once called the Eugenics Society and now known as the Galton Institute, addresses the problems in this article of the draft European Constitution's ban on eugenics:

One clause in the draft European Constitution seems noble but it contains a Trojan horse that will undermine doctors and academics, says Steve Jones...

..........As usual, the devil is in the detail. One crucial statement seems to ban ethnic cleansing, racial purification and any discrimination based on birth. In reality, it is a Trojan horse which, if accepted, could curb academic freedom and undermine the efforts of doctors concerned with genetic disease...........

........In its Charter of Fundamental Rights, just after Abolition of the Death Penalty, but before the Prohibition of Torture and of Slavery, the draft European Constitution insists on "the prohibition of eugenic practices".

Well, yes: that sounds self-evident, but what do they have in mind? Why is eugenics so high on the agenda?

The word itself - from the Greek for well-born - was invented by Francis Galton, Darwin's cousin, to reflect his concern that the quality of the human race was declining.

He favoured fertility for fine minds and sterility for the stupid: and nobody denies that his ideas led directly to the horrors of the Nazi era. Thanks to Josiah Wedgwood MP (another member of the Darwin clan) a 1918 attempt to institute sterilisation in Britain failed, but there was plenty of it in the US and Scandinavia....

EU law on eugenics attacks our freedom

The War between the Reconquistas and College Republicans

Meanwhile at UCLA:

Chicana/o student group MEChA held a rally in front of Kerckhoff Hall on Wednesday afternoon in the hopes of teaching UCLA students about the purpose of MEChA, as well as uniting many student groups with the common cause of equality.

MEChA's views were called into question last quarter when Bruin Republicans launched a campaign against what it called "racist" founding documents of MEChA. Members of MEChA say they no longer subscribe to the radical provisions of the documents and are now primarily a mentoring and outreach group......

Look at these assembled groups:

...........The rally, titled "In Solidarity With MEChA," featured speakers from many student groups, including Queer Alliance, the Muslim Student Association, the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance and the African Student Union, who all came to show their support for MEChA................

What do sodomites and Moslems have to do with largely Roman Catholic Mestizos? Considering women are often the victims of crime, what do they have to do with the Mestizos and Africans? This leftist victim group consolidation is bizarre. All it means is that the bullseye is on normal White males.

Students unite for MEChA rally

College Republicans versus the Black Student Union

Yes, it is another bake sale controversy:

The Black Students’ Union at the University of Rochester is calling on the school to denounce a recent anti-affirmative action protest by campus College Republicans.

In a statement released Wednesday, the African-American group decried an "affirmative action bakesale" held in March by student Republicans and asked for a series of forums on diversity issues as well as student input "in creating new policies to adjust to the recent (Supreme Court) rulings on affirmative action and in the presidential search of the university."....

Black Students' Union rips 'bake sale'

One Day the Third-World Life Forms and Jews Will Wake-up and Everyone Who Could Do Anything Would Have Left the Planet

Keep this quiet. I don't think they will be able to follow us as easily this time as they did when we fled the cities for the suburbs:

Affordable space travel will be available within 10 years, according to an aviation pioneer who has been granted the first licence to launch a manned suborbital rocket.

Burt Rutan hopes to launch a rocket to much greater heights than commercial aircraft currently fly, travelling to the edge of space.....

.........After learning from the Federal Aviation Administration that he had won the suborbital licence, Mr Rutan said: “I strongly feel that, if we are successful, our programme will mark the beginning of a renaissance for manned space flight...........

Aviator Wins Space Travel Licence

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Lewis Stirling

8 April 04
National Alliance Continues to Flyer the Shenandoah Valley

As usual, the media is unhappy with the NA's progress and has help. In the Shenandoah Valley, a Politically Correct busybody complained to the media and took it upon herself to violate the First Amendment by seizing our message before it reached some of the intended recipients:

Valley residents woke up on Sunday morning to some unwanted literature. Flyers from the National Alliance were strewn on lawns and curbs all over a Harrisonburg neighborhood.

One resident decided to take matters into her own hands and gather all the fliers she could find before anyone saw them.

The National Alliance is a neo nazi organization with members all over the country. The neighbors we spoke to were appalled and say that literature like this has no place in Harrisonburg.....

The media labelled them as offensive, but there always is a percentage of people who agree and begin to regularly visit our webpages. Some then join the NA.

In this coverage of the flyering, instead being called a "neo nazi" organization, National Alliance is given the appellation, White Supremacist. National Alliance is a White Separatist organization. National Alliance members have no interests in ruling over non-Whites or reconquering Germany's lost territories. Our members do share some of the beliefs of the nazis, like the importance of race, eugenics and our opposition to the Jews' parasitic and sociopathic agenda:

.....Wisecarver was not the only resident to find the fliers in her neighborhood. Residents on Chestnut Drive found fliers, as did those who live in the Maplehurst and Hillcrest Drive area of the city next to James Madison University, and along Country Club Road.

One flier showed a nuclear family gathered in front of an eagle with spread wings. Along the top of the sheet, the flier read, "You are not alone.… 25 million white Americans think like we do."

Another flier featured the profile of a blonde woman's face and shoulders. "Love your race" was printed in large bold letters above the woman...

Now those sounded like really "offensive" flyers.

But, even if these flyers are distributed in an illegal manner, is the ordinance making the distribution method illegal unconstitutional:

......According to a city police spokeswoman, no formal complaints had been received nor had the department seen the fliers.

City code prohibits anyone from placing handbills on private property, including vehicles, unless previously invited to do so by the owner or occupant of the property.

For charges to be made, a police spokeswoman said, the identity of the specific person who did the leafleting would have to be known. As of Monday afternoon, police had not received any formal complaint about the leaflet drop. "We don't have an identity of who has actually done this in this area," she said....

City and county codes in many jurisdictions allow property owners to post a sign "No Solicitation" if they don't want to receive flyers. However, a blanket ban is probably unconstitutional. A person would have to be contacted first to see if they would be interested in being flyered. Since it is against the law to initially contact them through flyering, it cannot be done easily, thus creating a First Amendment paradox. This law was probably written this way so paid subscriptions to newspapers can be delivered, but nothing else.

Then the woman who seized the flyers states:

"It is disturbing to me that someone is distributing this in our community," she said.

"Certainly everyone's entitled to their own opinion. That's not how I want to live," she said of the National Alliance goals.

That is fine. No one is demanding she get in the lifeboats with us. If she wants to go the multi-racial/multi-cultural route and end up becoming a statistic, that is her right, but she shouldn't violate our liberties.

City Residents Find White Supremacist Fliers On Neighborhood Lawns

Wandering into Politically Incorrect Genetics

Some scientists at the opening of the Human Genome Meeting are nervous about the future:

......Olson said that future may be in peril unless the scientific establishment focuses on a fundamental aspect of human genetics that has been overlooked: how the most obvious differences among individuals—like hair color, height, weight, and handedness—are generated.

"It's truly striking… how little we know about these obvious questions that even a child would ask," Olson said. “Why have geneticists ignored this question of why humans vary from one another in these ways?" he asked. It has been ignored partly because of the complexity of the issue, the difficulty of getting funds for nonmedical research, and “the long shadow of eugenics," Olson said. "Our obsessive focus on disease genotypes is premature… My broader agenda is essential for longer-term benefits.”

"Its going to take all of our efforts… to develop the level of trust with society that would make it acceptable to study this subject that is essential to human genomics," Olson said. Difficult as these ethical issues are, mainstream science needs to focus on them, rather than leave it to rogue elements, he said. "Are we prepared to bring to bear the value systems of the science establishment to bear on these questions or are we going to engage in a long guerrilla war with fringe elements?" he asked....

That statement is interesting: "rouge elements" and "fringe elements"? About whom specifically is he alluding?

HUGO conference opens with plea to refocus efforts on differences, not disease genotypes

The Type of Investigations Jews Like

Normally when an investigation and prosecution of a crime is conducted, a basic requirement is that those involved not be personally, financially, ideologically or otherwise involved with any of the parties in the case:

The firebombing of United Talmud Torah School, if committed by adults, is a clear act of terrorism under the law, and should be treated as such....

......Justice Minister Irwin Cotler, himself a graduate of United Talmud Torah School, called the firebombing a "racist hate crime" linking it to "the hatred fanning the same flames in the Middle East."........

So much for independent arms length law enforcement

An act of terrorism

Approximately 60 Russians attack Uzbekistanis and Tajikistanis

There are apparently more hints that Third-Worlders should leave Russia:

.......Authorities detained several people after the mid-morning attack in the Volgograd region market, about 900km southeast of Moscow, said Major Oleg Ivanchenko of the region's Interior Ministry.

He said about 60 people wielding iron pipes participated in the attack, which targeted traders from the ex-Soviet republics of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

Police were still investigating whether the rampage was racially motivated, authorities said......

Perhaps regular Russians have just been pushed to their limits:

.......Russia's ITAR-Tass news agency, citing Pyotr Chipura of the Interior Ministry, reported that those detained were not part of an organised extremist group.....

Trader killed in market rampage

Socialists Won't Be Missed

The Scottish Socialists have "threatened" to boycott any European election debates involving the British National Party:

..........Top-of-the-list candidate Felicity Garvie called on political rivals to "shun" BNP candidates.

She said: "We are determined to do everything in our power to block any progress by the fascist British National Party, who plan to use the elections as a platform for their racist poison.

"Their racist ideas would take us down the road which culminated in the horrors which scarred Europe and ended in world war."..........

I think if she looks at the historical record, she would find that the British and French declared war on Germany and her fellow hard core leftist-socialists, the Communists, were responsible for more scarring of Europe, horrors and deaths than anyone else. But I suspect she already knows that.

Socialist call to shun BNP

Africans Unhappy Jews Took Their Radio Slots

Many are probably familiar with Air America. This is not the CIA front company used in Indo-China to do things the Pentagon wasn't supposed to do. This is the radio network Al Franken helped to organize to put even more leftist Jews on the air. However, the leftist Jews are crowding out the African whiners in the New York market and there are problems:

..........WLIB used to be New York's only black talk station. Now it's the home of Air America. Not everybody is happy with this change. Some are more unhappy than others. Brooklyn City Councilman Charles Barron, for example, is really, really unhappy.

"Just because you want to react to Rush Limbaugh, that doesn't make you a voice that speaks to our issues," he says. Barron regards the new venture in liberal broadcasting as a form of white colonialism, "racist by omission." What about Air America's black hosts, Chuck D and Mark Riley? "They're on with white co-hosts and they have national concerns now," says Barron. "It's just watered-down white liberalism.".........

No doubt everyone reading this is traumatized by this indignity:

.....Even Al Sharpton's "Sharp Talk" show has been moved from its regular Sunday evening spot to a slot at 9 in the morning.....

I wonder what type of advertisers these African stations draw, bail bondsmen, criminal attorneys, check cashing operations, pawn shops, hair sculpting salons?

Bring back WLIB

No Laughing Matter

There is that old Russian truism which goes something like, When one finds out about whom one cannot laugh or talk, one has found one's master. Apparently some college journalists have identified their masters:

Being funny without being offensive is tough to do, which is why college newspapers that publish April Fools' Day editions often end up paying for it....

.........Carnegie Mellon's paper, The Tartan, voluntarily shut down for the rest of the semester after publishing a racially charged cartoon in its 12-page spoof edition............

.........The Gateway, the Nebraska paper, apologized for its four-page edition titled The Ghettoway.......

College Papers Pay for April Fools' Issues

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Lewis Stirling

6 April 04
Kill a Nigger Day

If some high school freshman planned a "Kill a Nigger Day", it would make national headlines. There would be a review of "hate": people who think the First Amendment covers Confederate flags, and people who don't like Affirmative Action and the Third-World invasion immigration. The SPLC and ADL would be consulted as "experts". People would be reminded of the Columbine High massacre, but the information about the two boys being anti-racist, gay lovers, and one being a Jew would not be covered.

In this case, it was just some African freshmen planning a "Kill a Cracker Day". It's not really considered news worthy by the Politically Correct major press, but was covered by the local press. There won't be a discussion that this occurred after Black History month, when the vilification of Whites is at its highest:

Some parents are wondering why they weren't told sooner about the discovery of a racially motivated hit list at Valley High School this week.....

The notation called it "kill a cracker day." Cracker, in this usage, is a disparaging name for Caucasians.

It also had the names of about 10 white students written on the list, Valley High School Principal Kellie Abbott said.

Racial hit concerns Valley area parents

It Appears to be Impossible to Have Civil Liberties and Integration Part I

In the past in US high schools, there was an attempt to teach students to agree to disagree and that our society was based on the First Amendment. This was taught in civics and history classes. As a result, students would be intellectually more open minded and realize agreeing on liberty was the basis of good citizenship.

Unfortunately racial integration, the Third-World immigration-invasion and Political Correctness have caused the administrators of these schools to abandon these values.

Under Political Correctness, an out growth of Social Marxism, speech is good or bad depending whether or not it aids the left's agenda. Whereas, in a civil libertarian model, free speech and the market place of ideas are supposed to be used to locate truth and solve problems, in a Social Marxist model " truth" and the "solutions" to problems have already been determined. Therefore, any speech which inhibits the attainment of the peasants' understanding the "truth" and "solutions" is bad. Bad speech must be prohibited since it cannot facilitate achieving the Social Marxists' goals and can only lead to agony among the peasants, who cannot "understand".

In addition to schools' teachers and administrators being schooled in Political Correctness, there are non-ideological practical reasons for attacking civil liberties: A large part of student bodies now consists of dangerous anthropoids, who, if they do not get their way, will become violent or who will have the local Civil Rights Industry go on the war path . So there is a choice between the White students, who generally behave if told no, and non-Whites, who don't understand "No". And no administrator really wants to be mauled by the Civil Rights Industry.

So this happens:

........Jupiter High School students no longer will be allowed to wear or display Confederate flags, following a change this week in school policy. Principal Lynn McGee sent a letter to parents advising them of the change to the school's rules governing clothing with disruptive messages. It was made to enhance campus security, McGee wrote, and to "foster a spirit of unity, mutual cooperation and reciprocal respect" among students. Administrators and staff made the change because students' wearing of Confederate symbols "may conflict with these goals," McGee said. Parents must sign and return the letter, acknowledging its receipt.........

Confederate symbols

It Appears to be Impossible to Have Civil Liberties and Integration Part II

Meanwhile back in the Old World, it's the same problem:

A secondary school headteacher in England banned pupils from wearing patriotic sports clothing because of fears that they could inflame racist tensions, a local councillor said today....

.....The one-day ban was introduced after racist graffiti was painted on buildings at The Grange School, Pedmore, Stourbridge, resulting in its closure for 24 hours....

.....It was anti-white and it included racist comments about the headteacher. There have been a few, very minor racist incidents in the past but nothing of great significance.......

School bans sportswear over racism fears

The Stupid Party Strikes Again

Columnist Sam Francis, a Republican, says there are two major political parties in the US, the evil party and the stupid party. He is a member of the stupid party. The evil party does evil things and the stupid party can't stop the evil party, because it is run by stupid people.

In Louisiana, the evangelical protestant and doctrinaire Catholic components of the Republican Party joined forces to land an ethnic Indian, Bobby Jindal, who had converted to Catholicism from Hinduism and whose parents were immigrants, into the run-off election for governor. Many in the Republican Party pointed out this was a stupid move, but the "We Know God Better Than You Do" lobby won the first round only to die in the second. Although an Indian is considered racially Caucasian and compared with the horrors of the Africans and Mestizos, is considered "White" by much of the population, a good deal of the population was upset about the immigration problem and voted against Jindal:

A new study by two political scientists suggests that racial bias was likely a key factor in the defeat of Indian-American Bobby Jindal in the 2003 Louisiana governor's race.

Unexpected support from the so-called "David Duke vote" was decisive in Democratic Gov. Kathleen Blanco's victory, the detailed statistical analysis by two government professors at Hamilton College in Clinton, N.Y., suggests.

White voters who had backed former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke in 1991 and who normally vote Republican, instead turned away from Jindal in the 2003 race, according to the analysis by Richard Skinner and Philip A. Klinkner. "Duke voters," particularly in north Louisiana, were enough to provide the new governor her margin, Skinner and Klinkner suggest.....

Study: bias, ex-Duke voters key to Blanco's win

National Alliance Flyering Makes Editorial Page

After the National Alliance's flyering in Washington received news articles in at least two newspapers and a television station, one newspaper felt it further needed to attack the National Alliance's flyering:

.............The literature was distributed by a group called the National Alliance, a West Virginia separatist organization.

As hard as it is to believe, the National Alliance uses racist fliers as a recruiting tool.

Shaun Walker, a spokesman for the Hillsboro, W.Va., organization, said he expected volunteers to distribute 4,000 fliers in Puget Sound. Walker admitted that South Sound was targeted because of Whitfield's arrest -- just like 30,000 similar fliers were tossed into yards in Colorado after NBA star Kobe Bryant was charged with sexual assault there. "We're looking out for the best interests of white people," Walker said......

Remember that the paper refused to state who the alleged spokeswoman for the CDC was. Papers almost always cite the source person. This is as bad as the game newspapers play when they say "sources inside the Administration". When asking about public medical statistics, the media does not have to hide its sources unless there is no source, or there is a fear that the media might misquote or needs to misquote (lie) what the person said so they make them anonymous.. But even without a reliable source, all they had to do was explain why the National Alliance's numbers were wrong and what the correct numbers were. They didn't. It causes one to suspect something worse than just incompetence is at work here:

......As if the information distributed by that organization is even remotely close to truthful.

The Olympia/Lacey flier, for example, includes a statistic about HIV in young black men that purportedly originated with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But a CDC spokeswoman said that was inaccurate....

What is the difference between saying the numbers were wrong as opposed to "remotely close to truthful" and "inaccurate"? Apparently they weren't wrong because the writer would have used the term wrong and backed it up.

We do agree with part of the following. In no way were we implying that a White women should fear having an AIDS test because people would suspect she had sex with an African. There are other ways to contract the illness:

......What is important here is that individuals who believe they might have been exposed to the AIDS virus, by Whitfield or anyone else, needs to get tested and contact authorities. They must not allow racial bigotry in the form of an offensive flier discourage them from doing the right thing....

Our Views: Racist flier is upsetting

BBC Decides to Do Hatchet Job on BNP and the National Alliance is Mentioned in the Collaborative Producer's Work

If the slanted "news" isn't enough, the BBC is running a drama to attack racialists:

.......Researching my book Homeland, a journey into that world of the far right, led to a collaboration with the BBC as creative producer for the new BBC1 drama England Expects....

.....The line between extremism and the political mainstream is becoming increasingly blurred.....

.......Ray’s journey is a "what if?", posing an important question about the nature and direction of the far right today, how it plays on our fears and actively stokes up tensions. Although very much a drama, England Expects has real research behind it. Frank Deasy and I met members of extremist parties and organisations across Britain - on the campaign trail, in pubs, at their homes, and at their meetings. We have seen how groups leaflet and target problem areas.......

........During my six-year journey, millions of my fellow Europeans - people who loved their children, worked nine to five, and thought of themselves as respectable citizens - voted for neo-nazi and ultra-nationalist parties.

Thanks to my connections with Nick Griffin, I even lived with the BNP's man in America. Mark Cotterill, a Loyalist supporter and former NF member, was working for ex-Republican Pat Buchanan's presidential campaign. I met Buchanan, then accompanied Cotterill down to the annual conference of the white supremacist group Council of Conservative Citizens. I met many people, too, linked to the issue of Holocaust denial, including a former White House press officer and a Republican lobbyist. Cotterill is now back in the UK, backing a rival far-right party, England First, against the BNP.

My unmasking - if you can call it that - took place in a hotel in North Carolina. Members of the notorious neo-nazi cult, the National Alliance, were extremely hostile to my presence and said they knew all about me (they didn't). Before his death two years ago, the Alliance was run by neo-nazi ideologue William Pierce. His book, The Turner Diaries, about a worldwide racist uprising, was found in the possession of the Oklahoma bomber and in the flat of the Brixton nailbomber David Copeland. My encounter with Pierce’s then-number two was unpleasant, but thankfully short-lived......

.........Since completing Homeland, the Right has continued its rise, its servants more capable now than mere thugs and hooligans. The line between extremism and the mainstream is increasingly blurred.

Racism has gone beyond the neo-nazi fringe, far beyond the BNP’s 18 council seats. Anti-Semitic incidents are on the rise across Europe, the attacks often perpetrated by disaffected young Muslims. Sometimes Jews face harassment from both neo-nazis and militant Islam. The coming decades will be a time of identity politics, identity beliefs. Let us take stock now.

Of course, extremism and mainstream are only defined in percentage of adherents in the general population. The lines aren't blurred. It just means one ideology, world view or belief system has gone from a small percentage to a larger percentage. What is blurring things is taking a work of fiction and making people think it represents the truth.

National affront

Professor Who Staged Hate Crime Has a Criminal Record

Kerri F. Dunn, who staged a fake "hate crime" by vandalizing her car in an attempt to stir up the Politically Correct mob against racialists, apparently has a criminal record:

A professor who police believe staged a hate crime to rile the campus where she taught had a criminal record that included charges of shoplifting and driving without a license.

The Los Angeles Times reported on its Web site Sunday that Kerri F. Dunn, a visiting psychology professor at Claremont McKenna College, had been arrested three times over a year-long period in 1999 and 2000....

Claremont Professor accused of staging vandalism had criminal record

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3 April 04
National Alliance Flyering in Washington Makes Quite a Splash in the News

Another successful outreach:

OLYMPIA, Wash. -- Racist leaflets citing the case of a man charged with assault by infecting women with HIV through unprotected sex have outraged many residents of Washington's capital city.

Plastic bags weighed down with cat box filler and containing fliers proclaiming, "Don't Have Sex With Blacks; Avoid AIDS!" were found in the front yards of dozens of homes Thursday, three days after Anthony Eugene Whitfield, 31, of Lacey, pleaded innocent to four charges of first-degree assault with sexual motivation. He remains in jail with bail set at $500,000....

..........National Alliance, a white separatist group based in Hillsboro, W. Va., is distributing 4,000 of the fliers around Puget Sound through this weekend for information and recruiting purposes, spokesman Shaun Walker said.

"We're looking out for the best interests of white people," Walker said.

Police said they collected more than 100 fliers.

Such material is legal unless it specifically threatens an individual or advocates an illegal act, police Cmdr. Tor Bjornstad said....

HIV assault charges cited in racist fliers

Although cat litter may be inexpensive and relatively available, it carries with it negative associations which the direct recipients of the material receive and the media can play on. Pea sized gravel is always available. And if one chooses not to use the ballast and bag method, just pick a dry period of weather and wrap the flyer around part of a newspaper with the newspaper acting like ballast.

More coverage:

Leaflets citing a local criminal case as proof that it's dangerous to have sex with black men outraged many residents who discovered the fliers in their front yards Thursday.

The early-morning distribution came on the heels of the arrest of Anthony Whitfield, who has been charged with four counts of first-degree assault for allegedly infecting four women with HIV.

Residents awoke to find the flier folded in a plastic bag weighed down with kitty litter so it could be thrown easily. Its bold headline read: "Don't Have Sex With Blacks; Avoid AIDS!"

The fliers said they were distributed by a group called National Alliance, a West Virginia-based white separatist organization........

Wait. What was inaccurate about it? The nameless CDC spokeswoman neither said what was inaccurate about the figures nor provided the paper with "accurate" figures:

The flier includes a statistic about HIV in young black men purportedly from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, but a CDC spokeswoman said Thursday that it was inaccurate.

Newspapers always list experts whose information they cite. Why deviate from that practice in this case? What was inaccurate: the figures, the interpretation of the figures, the possibility the figures sited came from older data and they have been superceded by more updated data? The lack of the source and an explanation makes the whole thing suspect.

As usual, there has to be something menacing implied in the article:

.........Kimberly Craig, 43, said the discovery frightened her because of the covert way in which someone delivered it to her yard. She called police.

Walker said distributions have been made in broad daylight, depending on the volunteers' schedules.

But Craig wondered why, in this case, they "couldn't be honest enough to knock on my door in the middle of the day and say, 'Hey, what do you think about this?' ".....

They were delivered like newspapers are delivered, thrown out of cars. How much time would it take to walk to each door determine if someone is home and then leave it? How much would your home newspaper delivery cost if it had to be delivered by this method?

If people are scared about the "covert" way the flyers were delivered, how about throwing flyers into people's yards which say,"We dropped by your house last night. We could have been an African AIDS spreading rapist let into the country by our Politically Correct government or we could have been one of those Mexican murder-robbers who commit a crime and then flee back to Mexico. But we are National Alliance members interested in your safety. Be happy you woke up this morning and are reading this; because tomorrow, if the Third-World visits you, you may not be waking up at all."

Anti-black Message Angers Neighborhoods Fliers tying blacks to spread of AIDS unsettle residents Message linked to West Virginia supremacist group

More coverage:

THURSTON COUNTY - A white racist group is using Anthony Whitfield's case to spread its message of hate....

........The flier from the group National Alliance says "Don't have sex with blacks. Avoid AIDS."

There is an African named Tony (maybe the first name is listed as Anthony) who has a White wife and lives near people named Gene Meason and Kayla Freedom and seems to want to do us harm:

....But Tony is furious.

"If I would have been out here this morning it probably would have been a different scene. The police would probably have been arresting me."

Racist Group Is Spreading Messages Of Hate

A Columnist Reviews and Analyses Israeli Motivation and Intelligence in Relation to the US

The relationship between the US and Israel has often been described as "special". That is one of those neutral words that has neither a positive or negative meaning, but allows the listener to insert his own thoughts. This columnist investigates that relationship:

The state of Israel reported this week that information gathered and disseminated to U.S. war planners regarding Iraqi weapons of mass destruction were "overestimated."

Overestimated, as in faulty, erroneous, incorrect, etc....

Interestingly, the timing of the report coincides with the 9/11 investigation currently exasperating past and present U.S. officials to their level of knowledge that may have prevented 9/11. Coincidence?

What is more interesting is not the timing of the report, but the public-relations campaign it delivered: They (Israel) are not responsible for U.S. action in Iraq, which based its sole motivation - in the early stages, anyway - on the WMD myth. Yet every political strategist knows that America relies on information gathering by elite Israeli intelligence forces for reports in the Middle East. So to excuse faulty intelligence gathering as ineffectual is like screaming "Fire!" in a theater, but telling law enforcement officials it wasn't your fault everyone stampeded out....

We're not responsible

Rat Genome Sequencing Can Tell Us about Ourselves

The Social Marxists always claim that there is very little difference in DNA between races and ethnic groups. Just remember this:

An international consortium of scientists has sequenced the genome of the Brown Norway rat, which many predict will deliver a boost for medical science as well as our understanding of evolution.

The rat's is the third mammalian DNA sequence to be deciphered, following the human and mouse genomes. Sequencing it was a priority for researchers, due to the widespread use of rats in medical research.

The sequence itself, published in the journal Nature, is made up of some 25,000 genes, 90 per cent of which have a match in the human and mouse models. This means that nearly all disease-related human genes have a counterpart in the rat, which should ensure better rat models for researching human diseases and provide new targets for treatments.....

International consortium sequences rat genome

From Fins to Limbs

This article covers a fossil discovery in the evolution from fins to limbs. Eventually water inhabiting creatures crawled out onto land and lead to us.

It makes one wonder what changes are in store for us as we evolve from a creature bound to the Earth, as these creatures were bound to the sea, to a outer space venturing creature:

The world's oldest known arm bone has been discovered, raising the possibility that stream-dwelling animals performed the first prehistoric push-ups.

The 365 million-year-old fossil of a humerus from the upper part of a limb of a new species of aquatic creature was found alongside a highway cutting in Pennsylvania....

Strong-arm tactics drove fish onto land

An All White Town in South Africa

The Washington Post ran this article on one of the little pieces of civilization left in South Africa:

The statue of Hendrik Verwoerd, former prime minister and architect of apartheid, looks down approvingly from the rocky top of a dry, windswept hill onto the tree-shaded homes and whitewashed churches of this white separatist community on the empty fringe of the Great Karoo Desert....

............the flags of the 19th-century Boer Transvaal Republic slap smartly in the hot breeze along the streets of Orania, the community that its founders say will be the capital of a new Afrikaner homeland -- and its critics say is where apartheid has come to die.

Founded in 1991 in the bloody twilight of the apartheid era by a former missionary and religion professor, Carel Boshoff, this community dedicated to white separatism and Afrikaner culture has grown from eight families to more than 500 permanent residents.

In the early years, only a trickle of settlers made the trek across the dry grasslands to this all-white enclave, which was organized as a private corporation to exempt it from anti-discrimination laws. But with the fall of white rule in 1994, interest in Orania has boomed. Property values reportedly have doubled. Today, families anxiously await permission to settle in this village that organizers openly promote as the first step toward a predominantly Afrikaner Volkstaat -- a "people's state" that would extend 100 miles from the banks of the nearby Orange River to the Atlantic Ocean.............

For those who are unaware, the article mentions the fact that concentration camps were invented by the British and used against the Afrikaners:

.....The immediate area is empty of people but not of history. Orania is situated in the middle of battlefields from the Boer War (1899-1902), and the veld is pockmarked with graves.

Not far away is the site of the Orange River Station, a British concentration camp set up in 1901. British soldiers burned an estimated 3,000 farms in the region and razed more than 40 villages. Trucks transported hundreds of women, children and elderly men to Orange River Station, part of a meticulously executed plan to bring Boer fighters to their knees by terrorizing their families at home. In a nearby cemetery, 500 graves, mostly of children, help explain the antipathy that still divides Afrikaners from whites of British ancestry and underscores the Afrikaner's bloody and star-crossed trek through South African history....

Well they had a real holocaust. So, shouldn’t they at least have their own state like the Jews do?

The following is smart thinking. Wouldn’t it have been nice if our people in the US had thought like this before importing that "cheap" African labor or like they think now about that "cheap" Mestizo labor:

Anyone who moves into Orania must first pledge to support the establishment of an ethnic Afrikaner state -- not merely a predominantly white homeland, but one dedicated to preserving the Afrikaans language and Afrikaner culture and religion. In addition, they must agree not to hire black workers.

The last requirement seems crudely and spectacularly bigoted. Community leaders insist that it is not. Instead, the pledge not to employ blacks is designed as a kick in the pants to Afrikaners who, under apartheid, came to depend on black workers to mow their lawns, cook their food, clean their houses and dig their ditches.

There are too few Afrikaners willing to take the vow of self-reliance, Boshoff says. Today, the ban on black employment is the single biggest roadblock to growth, he says.

"We need a change of heart," he says wistfully, as if he's not expecting it to happen soon. "Many families cannot accept the idea of moving without their workers."

Of course there's another reason why black workers aren't welcome. In exchange for those freshly mowed lawns and gin-and-tonics served promptly at 5 p.m., Afrikaners in Orania eventually could find themselves outnumbered and outvoted -- and their culture once again under siege by democracy....

A World Apart: A Decade After the Fall of Apartheid in South Africa, An Isolated White Community Clings to Its Past

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2 April 04
Police Admit to Seizing and Destroying National Alliance Materials Protected by Free Speech

As usual, the media incorrectly stated National Alliance was a White Supremacist, rather than a White Separatist organization. But what was really something in this article is that the police admit our material was protected under free speech and they took it before its intended recipients had any opportunities to review it to see if they were interested. Then they destroyed the communication.

Would they have done this with flyers from a political candidate or a pizza delivery service:

.........A patrolman spotted the flyers early in the morning, and Chief James Mulligan said he and his officers collected them as quickly as possible.

Mulligan said he reviewed the flyers for content and found them to be non-threatening, providing only strong political viewpoints.

"We cleaned them all up. My view of it, and I was trying to take a middle-of-the-road view, is that they presented no threat to any class of people," said Mulligan. "They were very tame, very innocuous."

Mulligan said he determined the flyers fell under free speech and the dissemination of the materials was not criminal.....

Dissemination of the materials was not criminal, but the theft and destruction of the materials by the police was.

National Alliance leaves calling card

Jewish Dominated Justice Department Eliminates Competitors to Jewish Drug Rings

The Jewish-Russian-Israeli Mafia is well known and is usually just referred to by the Jewish dominated press as the Russian Mafia, even though almost none of its members are ethnic Russians, but rather ethnic Jews from all over the former Soviet Union.

Since illegal narcotics activity is so lucrative, all sorts of different groups are willing to get into it. The trade in Ecstasy, as the article mentions, has been controlled largely by "Russian and Israeli gangs". Of course the Russian and Israeli gangs have something in common, they are Jews. The government just hasn't been so successful in stopping them. However, the government has apparently been very successful in attacking their competition, the Chinese and Vietnamese.....Hmmm. So the Jewish Mafia has regained its monopoly and higher profits, while the law enforcement can crow about what it is doing to fight Ecstasy. Who is going to point this out, the media? Well we know which group dominates the media. It is all a nice cozey relationship:

........An international drug trafficking ring that routed Ecstasy and marijuana to two dozen cities in the United States and Canada has been broken up in a raid by drug agents that targeted for arrest more than 170 people in both countries.....

........Mrs. Tandy said the investigation documented that Ecstasy trafficking, which had been controlled largely by Russian and Israeli gangs, had now spread to groups with ties to Southeast Asia — noting that the two suspected ringleaders were citizens of China and Vietnam. Both were arrested in Canada...........

Raid breaks up major drug ring

University or Ball Club?

I almost never follow sports, but this little blow-up caught my attention:

Paul Hornung, the former Heisman Trophy winner and Green Bay Packers great, got himself into some hot water when he suggested that his alma mater, the University of Notre Dame, should lower its academic standards to "get the black athlete."

On Wednesday, Hornung kept the pot simmering.

Hornung, who could not be reached for comment, told the South Bend Tribune that he only was trying to say that Notre Dame had "to do a better job of getting the black athlete into the University of Notre Dame. I wasn't trying to be insensitive to blacks or whites. But when you look at the NFL, you see who's playing," Hornung told the newspaper....

Later the article appears to imply Notre Dame does have "the black athlete" and in larger quantities than the other large schools:

........According to Notre Dame officials, of the 68 scholarship players on the football team now, 35 are black and 33 are white. According to NCAA statistics, the percentage of Division I-A football players who are white was 48.8 percent, and 43.8 percent were black.

Of a student body of 8,300 undergraduates, 17 percent are minorities at Notre Dame, Storin said. Out of the entire undergraduate population, the percentage of black students has varied from 3.2 percent to 3.5 percent over the past 10 years, he said....

They apparently have "the black athlete", just the wrong ones. Notice that no one seems to be demanding that the teams "look more like America", like the Africans always complain about many political staffs, professions and businesses that lack a significant number of Africans.

To be realistic, does anyone really believe African athletes are held to the same rigorous academics that other students are?.

Hornung tries to clarify remarks regarding black athletes

Talking about Those African Diplomas

Southern University in Louisiana is the largest African University in the country. There always seem to be scandals there:

Southern University will likely revoke degrees given to some of the 541 current and former students implicated in a grades-for-money scandal that has been traced to a worker in the registrar's office.

"I strongly suspect when we start revoking grades, we'll start revoking degrees," Chancellor Edward Jackson said Thursday.

Jackson said the scandal at the nation's largest historically black university dates to 1995 and involves both undergraduate and graduate students paying an assistant registrar to have their grades changed. That worker received money from students in exchange for altering their grades in the school's computer records, Jackson said.

A degree from an African athlete at a predominately White university is suspect. A degree from a predominately African university is not worth very much. And a degree from Southern is worth about $75 per grade according to the article. This qualifies an African for an affirmative action job.

Southern implicates 541 students in money-for-grades scandal

The U.S. Has a Position on This?

The US is supposed to be leader in free speech, free thought and liberty. This certainly does not sound like something that is supposed to protect those liberties. In fact, it sounds like something designed to undermine them:

U.S. Rep. Benjamin L. Cardin has been appointed by Secretary of State Colin L. Powell to be a member of the U.S. delegation to the Conference on Anti-Semitism sponsored by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. The Conference will be held in Berlin April 28-29.

Cardin is a ranking member of the U.S. Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe. He has pushed for stronger measures to combat anti-Semitism, racism and xenophobia.

The conference will run for two days. Former New York mayor Ed Koch will head the U.S. delegation.

Rep. Cardin appointed by Powell to Conference

Note the city in which this event is occurring. They really like to pour salt in the wounds. There will probably be a big event at the new "Holocaust memorial" which is being built there.

There Is a Debate over Which Group Is Attacking the Jews More

In the Politically Correct world, Jews are the most sacrosanct. Other non-Whites such as Arabs are less so, but they are more Politically Correct than Whites. So there is this struggle over when Jews are attacked, should Whites or Arabs be blamed more:

Attacks on Jews have increased in five European Union countries in the past two years - many of them the work of white males, a report has found.

The study by the European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia (EUMC) contrasted with the findings of research in Berlin last year, which concluded that young Arabs and Muslims were mainly responsible for rising anti-Semitism....

Young whites blamed for increase in attacks on Europe's Jews

Will the victims of the Jews please get in line and wait their turn to take a wack at the Jews. No shoving or pushing. There will be enough for every ethnic group.

Resources for Aryans

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Lewis Stirling

1April 04
A Familiar Story to Americans

It is not uncommon for there to be an alleged arson attack on the property of a Jew or Third-World life form in the US with the alleged victim explaining that the incident was a hate crime only for it to turn out to be insurance fraud. Who knows how many times the insurance fraud is never detected in other cases, because there must be tremendous pressure on the police and insurance companies not to wander off the Politically Correct path and investigate the alleged "victims".

But sometimes the perpetrators really bungle the operation. In this case in the UK, they managed to kill someone in the process:

The search for the cause of a midnight explosion which ripped through Shukri's newsagents began as an arson probe but turned into a massive police hunt for the killers of Colin Salt. As the 47-year-old tenant clung to life in hospital, detectives appealed for witnesses to help pinpoint why the blast happened.....

........But the premises soon turned into a crime scene. police looked to shop owners Cinar and Sibel Kemalzade to help find those responsible.......

.......The Kemalzades blamed racist attackers who they claimed had previously targeted the property, but detectives eventually realised this was a red herring......

Complex Manhunt Led to Blast Killers

But Not All of These Incidents Are Frauds

Northern Ireland continues to take a religious beating. The British in order to subjugate the most rebellious Catholic part of Ireland colonized it with Protestants from Scotland. This has lead to numerous problems over the years as the group of lowland Scots, who are actually Saxons, dominated the indigenous Celtic population. Now there really isn't a tremendous amount of difference between Celts and Saxons relative to the whole of Homo Sapiens. And in the last few years, there has been less squabbling among the denominations of Christianity. So things should have calmed down. Not really, the churches have now become enamoured with multi-racism, non-racism or racial denial. So the people who are paid to know what God wants better than you or I do have decided to force truly alien people on to the population of Northern Ireland. This is not working so well:

A Vietnamese family has been targeted in another apparent racist attack in Northern Ireland, police said today....

Concern has been mounting in Northern Ireland about the rise in racist attacks and threats against ethnic minorities.

Members of the Pakistani, Ugandan, Chinese and Filipino communities have been targeted in Belfast.....

Vietnamese family targeted in racist attack

Anti-Racist Skinheads Not Doing Well against the Real Skinheads in Russia

There are some anti-racist skins in Russia:

...Some of the skinheads roaming Russia's streets are out to attack not those who look different from them, but rather those who look the same.

"We beat up fascist skinheads because we want them to associate fascism with pain," said a 22-year-old student, who -- along with other anti-fascist skinheads -- seeks out neo-Nazi skinheads in Moscow neighborhoods.....

.........They take as their inspiration the SHARP, or Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice, movement, which was started up by skinheads in New York in the late 1980s and quickly spread to Europe..........


......In a report published last month the Moscow Human Rights Bureau, a private group that monitors discrimination, put the number of skinheads in Russia at 50,000.

Of this figure, the group says between 5,000 and 5,500 skinheads live in Moscow and the Moscow region, while about 3,000 live in St. Petersburg.

This is a massive growth from 1992, when only a few dozen skinheads were reportedly active in Moscow, and barely a half-dozen in St. Petersburg, the group said.

But these numbers do not include anti-fascist skinheads, said Alexander Tarasov, the author of the report, because their numbers are negligible....

Skinhead vs. Skinhead in Anti-Racist Fight

Anti-Racist, -Sexist, -Homophobic, -Militaristic, Etc. Forces to Go after NRA

The Looney Left is on the attack:

..........Yesterday, the Confluence Against Gun Violence fired the first volley in what likely will be a battle of ideological banter with the NRA when it held a news conference in Shadyside and characterized the NRA as a violent, militaristic, racist, sexist and homophobic organization...........

Check out who is behind this:

...."Pittsburgh says 'No' to the NRA and the NRA leadership and its racism and hatred and policies of violence," said Nathaniel Glosser, president of the Rosenberg Institute for Peace & Justice.....

........"Most NRA members are wonderful people who support responsible handling of guns," said Kenny Steinberg, president of Pennsylvanians Against Handgun Violence. "The NRA leadership for some reason is opposed to laws [requiring guns to be unloaded and locked] and any reasonable legislation.".........

........Also, speaking against the NRA were Hill Jordan of the Pittsburgh chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People..........

Groups target NRA meeting

Dead Africans Can Continue to Cause Trouble

A while back there was coverage of a story in which an inebriated African being chased by police in Shreveport, LA came up with a really brilliant idea: He was outnumbered by gun carrying police, so he decided to threaten the police by holding his cell phone out to look like a gun. It is unknown whether this was a suicide or just another dysfunctional African brain made more dysfunctional by booze, but at least the police won't have to continue suffering:

There was no willful violation of federal law and no criminal charges will be filed against two Shreveport police officers who fatally shot a man after they mistook his cell phone for a gun, the U.S. Attorney said today.........

........"No officer fired a weapon until Mr. Hudspeth turned and pointed the object at a police officer. Thus, the video recordings support the conclusion that the officers believed that Mr. Hudspeth intended to shoot them or their fellow officers. No other evidence was sufficient or credible to support an opposing conclusion," Washington said. The shooting, recorded by cameras in police cars and later made public, raised racial tensions in Shreveport and eventually cost Police Chief Jim Roberts his job.........

Please note the Police Chief lost his job due to the fault of a drunken African who died due to a situation the African created which resulted in the African population going on the war path.

No charges against officers in Hudspeth shooting

Resources for Aryans

What have you done for the Cause today?

Lewis Stirling

31 March 04
The Admission of National Alliance Growth Found in an Otherwise Depressing Article

Several newspapers covered the story of a former Church of the Creator member who took the group's publications and internal correspondence and "sold" them to an anti-White group.

Although the article is depressing, it did point out the National Alliance was growing. After Dr. Pierce passed away, the SPLC claimed the end was near for the NA and the anti-White forces came out of every nook and cranny with every technique to try to destroy the NA. Now it is clear with the large number of activities that have been chronicled on these pages through third-party news reports, along with the geographical coverage of units and proto units over the last year, that the NA is booming. This is admitted to in this paragraph:

.....Carl said he won't be joining any of the growing racist groups such as the National Alliance for several reasons, including fear for his life. The creators are upset that Carl made off with the books and have posted his name, vehicle description and other identifying characteristics on Web sites.....

I can not imagine any group who would want to take him. White power outage

Perhaps some of the publications destroyed will become available on the Internet. The left frequently points to the symbolic book burnings the storm troopers held. But, it is pretty clear who the book destroyers are in this case.

What the Military Won't Do for Diversity

The National Alliance conducted an extremely effective flyering program in Colorado to warn Whites about having sex with Africans. Of course , much of the sex is not consensual. However, things in Colorado are even worse then once thought: As part of its diversity program, the Air Force is importing African rapists into Colorado:

DENVER (AP) -- An Air Force Academy cadet who had been accused of rape and threatened to crash a glider into a classroom building was allowed to remain at the school for several more months, during which he was arrested for sodomizing a woman in a wheelchair and accused of raping another cadet, according to files obtained by The Associated Press.

Even after his arrest in Los Angeles for sodomy, the Air Force got cadet Doncosta Seawell released from custody and took him back to the academy, according to the files. He was accused of rape by a fellow cadet three months later....

Accused Cadet Was Kept on at Academy

The Air Force Academy admissions site states that it identifies, assists, and counsels minority applicants for admission into the United States Air Force Academy with this philosophy:

Recognize the power of diversity
Draw from the talents and perspectives of all races
Important for officer corps to reflect the society we serve
Helps strengthen and balance AF leadership
Illuminate opportunities that the Academy and Air Force provides
Bridging the knowledge gap

I think this clearly shows the "power of diversity" to overwhelm any sane reasoning. The African "perspective" on social relationships was certainly brought in. The officer corps were able to reflect on certain segments of the society. These incidents probably helped "strengthen" the AF leadership in that they now fully appreciate the bizarre world in which they are dealing and "balance" in what they learn because non-Politically Correct reality was exposed in a time when only Politically Correct "knowledge" was allowed. This helps "bridge the knowledge gap". Certainly this affair "illuminates opportunities that the Academy and Air Force provides". Where else could someone pull this sort of stuff and be tolerated so long. Black is the ultimate protective coloring.

Be Careful, the Sun Is Coming back into the Northern Hemisphere

Watch out Whitey and make sure the Sun doesn't get you.

Frequently I use the term melanoma to mean Africans. They grow, spread and kill. The body's immune system (the government) cannot tell the difference between them and the healthy cells.

But there is the real melanoma, as well as, the other skin cancers and disorders that one can fall victim to by exposing one's self to the giant radiation generator our planet circles:

The rapidly increasing rates of skin cancer in the UK have prompted experts to warn of an emerging epidemic in the disease, especially among the nation's young people.

There are almost 70,000 cases of skin cancer diagnosed in the UK every year.

But the most deadly form of the disease is malignant melanoma, accounting for 7,000 new cases annually and 1,700 deaths.

Rates of this form of skin cancer have increased by 24% in five years – from 5,626 cases in 1995 to 6,967 in 2000....

Conan O'Brien always jokes about the Sun and his Celtic skin. I have that type skin and I am always careful. People have actually called me the vampire. But like a vampire, people who stay out of the Sun look younger and live longer. Even if one doesn't have Celtic skin, but just regular European skin, one needs to take precautions.

Dying to Get A Tan

T-shirt Features Character Urinating on NAACP

As usual, it is a group of African shamans being led by the local rabbi up to no good:

GREENSBORO -- To fight racism, a group of ministers came to pray for a man many feel is a racist.

Clergy and others stood in a circle in front of the old county courthouse and prayed for Billy Yow at the same time they spoke out against the message contained on a controversial T-shirt associated with the county commissioner. The shirt shows a Confederate battle flag flying over a character who is urinating on the letters NAACP, a reference to the national civil rights organization.....

Why would anybody vote for a person to hold a government job in a "multi-cultural" society who belonged to an organization (NAACP) which is designed to take rights and property away from the rest of society and just bestow it upon a single group:

...Yow said the T-shirt was created last year during his spat with the NAACP over comments he made about the organization, including the assertion that he would not vote to hire a county manager who was an NAACP member....

Vigil prays for 'wounded' Yow

Actually the NAACP is bad for business. Since an NAACP chapter is merely an organization for agitation and looting the rest of society of its rights and property, places with NAACP chapters should be avoided:

HIGH POINT, N.C. (AP) - High Point business leaders want to stop production of a T-shirt that offends NAACP members, while a county commissioner tied to the shirts says they should encourage business rather than stifle it.

The shirts show a Confederate flag and a grinning young boy urinating on the NAACP logo. The other side shows a "Yo Yow" Confederate flag logo created last year when NAACP branded Guilford County Commissioner Billy Yow a racist for criticizing the organization....

........Yow clashed with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People last year over the selection of a county manager and compared the group to the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Commissioners hired former Deputy Manager Willie Best, who is black, with the support of Yow.

Business leaders want production of offensive T-shirt to stop

The Dutch Right

More on the upcoming European elections:

AMSTERDAM — The Nieuwe Rechts (New Right) party in the Netherlands has received support from the radical right-wing ahead of the upcoming European elections.

Nieuwe Rechts (NR) was set up by Councillor Michiel Smit after he was expelled from Pim Fortuyn's Leefbaar Rotterdam (LR) for allegedly flirting with the extreme right....

Apparently the terms Nigger and Whigger are gaining usage outside of the English speaking world:

.....Smit is alleged to have made several racist remarks in relation to immigrants while a councillor for the LR party. The comment most often ascribed to him by his opponents is: "There is one thing worse than a Nigger, a white Nigger".

This refers to his alleged distaste at the way many native Dutch teens in Rotterdam have adopted the language, dress style and language common among young, non-white immigrants in the city.

White teens who behave in this way are sometimes disparagingly described as "whiggers", often on websites run by neo-Nazis....

Dutch 'New Right' party draws in old guard

The British Right

Who knows who is welcome until the polling is over:

"YOU'RE not welcome here" – that's the united message that has been sent to the British National Party amid speculation the far-right party intends to stand for election in the city.

The extremist organisation – which campaigns against immigration and calls for the "voluntary resettlement" of non-whites – has confirmed it may field candidates in the city at the local elections, which take place on June 10.....

POLITICS: Far-right party is 'not welcome'

Women's Advocate Was White Racist

The University of North Carolina has an annual award for the woman who has made outstanding recent contributions to the university. However the Politically Correct crowd is upset the namesake of the award was a racist. This is especially bizarre in that it is going this year to a Jewess who specializes in the "literary representation" of the Holocaust and of Polish-Jewish relations:

CHAPEL HILL -- While stopping short of imposing a moratorium on the Cornelia Phillips Spencer Bell Award, UNC Chancellor James Moeser announced plans Monday for a campus dialogue to see whether the award's namesake truly deserves the accolade.

Spencer is most commonly known as the woman who rang the South Building bell in 1875 to signal the university's post-Reconstruction era reopening. But a group of campus activists have pushed the university to put the award on hold, saying that what they describe as Spencer's checkered past taints the honor.

Moeser said Monday he wants to use the issue as the focal point of an academic exercise, perhaps to include a campus symposium using the resources of UNC's Center for the Study of the American South and leaning on the university's history faculty.....

Bell Award will be given for now

Moronic Marketing

The best way to sell one's product is to alienate one's main market:

......The Dear Bubba letter came when driver Derrike Cope showed up at the Las Vegas race with a new sponsor_""

The Web site sells outdoor gear, not moonshine. But NASCAR told him to remove the logo because it did not project the proper image.

At the risk of sounding like a redneck: Huh?

Get rid of pork rinds, tube tops, mullets and Confederate flags, and what does stock-car racing have?....

You know you're a redneck when NASCAR says so

Doctors Are Very Racist

After dealing with several political organizations over several years, I have noticed medical doctors are a very reality embracing and therefore a generally racist group. When one is that deep into the understanding of human biology, it is impossible not to be racist.

In fact, according to Jewish author Robert Proctor in his book, Racial Hygiene: Medicine under the Nazis,"Doctors in fact joined the Nazi party earlier and in greater numbers than any other professional group".

Well the White and non-White doctors are fighting in the UK:

Seven doctors are suing the British Medical Association for racial discrimination after it failed to back them in legal claims of racism in the NHS.

Two of the doctors have won payouts of hundreds of thousands of pounds after private legal action which they paid for when the BMA declined to support them. The sudden slew of cases has led to charges that the BMA is "institutionally racist" and could plunge the association deeper in debt. The BMA is overspent by £7m....

BMA sued for failing to back racism cases

Doctors Are Racist and Engineers Are Becoming More Racist

There is nothing like having to deal with stupid Affirmative Action contractors to clarify things in an engineer's mind:

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- City officials say a city engineer who was fed up with "stupid questions" from contractors made comments that some are calling racist.

City engineers oversee many projects in Jacksonville, and questions from contractors are typical. But questions from B.A. Wilson, the minority contracting company building a park on the Westside, were met with hostility.

Bernard Wilson, who owns the company, said when they asked a question about the blueprints, he could not believe the answer he got from a city engineer. The reply read, "You people are asking too many stupid questions."

City Engineer Accused Of Racist Comments

Resources for Aryans

What have you done for the Cause today?

Lewis Stirling

29 March 04
The Perpetual Evil According to The Jew and Politically Correct Media

Sometimes the media just run out of the regular Nazism=Evil stories. How many stories and angles can Hollywood create out of the Holocaust? The History Channel and others have created many multi-part documentaries involving the rise and fall of Nazism. These all lead up at some point to the Jewish version of the most important event in history they want to drill into people's minds, the Holocaust. The Holocaust means one can never criticize the Jews or anything that Israel does. So the Jewish dominated media must hyper exploit the "evil Nazi" concept in order to compensate for the evil of the Jew.

Although the Jewish angle may be most important to the media, if it is over saturating the public, then other angles to reinforce public negativity toward Nazism and any National Socialism in general are used.

The media have played with twisting real history. They have also created docu-dramas which allow the entertainment industry to create dramas, which people believe are mostly real. Finally with things like Indiana Jones the " Evil of Nazism and National Socialism" is taken into the science fiction and fantasy genres.

Now for the latest in the science fiction genre: A new movie about to be released is called Hellboy. One of the commercials for it on TV drew my attention, because it showed characters dressed up in SS uniforms. There was also the line in the commercial, “Sixty years ago they tried to destroy the world. Now they are back”. We know what was going on sixty years ago.

Fully aware a Hollywood creation is not going to place the Nazis in a good light, I went to the website to find out what are they cooking up now.

This is some material from that website:

.....Hitler’s obsession with the dark power of the occult fuelled his creation of a secret nation. A nation ruled by Nazi occult scientists worked tirelessly to fuse the powers of Alchemy, the technologies of witchcraft, and the fury of hell itself. Hitler’s demonic scientists gave birth to a unholy combination of horrific ancient lore and devastating cutting edge futurism.

....[Grigori] Rasputin's [Yes, the one involved with the Russian Royal Romanov family] ashes were stolen by Hitler's elite service men and brought forth to the highest ranking ceremony of the Thule society. Only six men were present and the blood of many innocents was spilt to be mixed with the ashes. From this emerged Rasputin. And he became the shadow behind the throne. This time he was wiser. He never became public. He learned that enemies are made that way and become harder to dispose of.

He became quite the fisherman of Nazi disciples. Ilsa, Kronen, Himmler, Doctor Herman Von Klempt, Inger Von Klempt. Himmler, Hans Ubler, Ernst Oeming... Kroenen was his favorite apostle and Ilsa his Magdalene, the vestal whore. She was his favorite. His chosen one. He opened all mysteries to her and begged the Master for her life and youth.

Then there was this item which was interesting because the Jews in much of their religious literature refer to Gentiles as Goyem or cattle:

....He taught her that humans should be treated like cattle...

It appears the Jews are merely taking their characteristics and applying them to this Nazi scheme.

According to the story, toward the end of the war, the Nazis decided to open the doorway to Hell in order to bring in help. A Jewish actor named Ron Pearlman came out of Hell and the allies took him under their wing.

Many believe the door way to hell, if there is such a thing, is located in Tel Aviv.

The Official Site

Edward Fagan Focusses on New Victims

Perhaps one might be familiar with Edward Fagan from this last week's American Dissident Voices entitled, A Mile Too Far. Not only is he involved in the Holocaust claims racket, as covered in that broadcast, he has also moved into the African slave trade. No, I don't mean the current African slave trade going on in the Sudan, Mauritania and other parts of Africa. There is no money in it and that wouldn't serve the Jews by stirring up more racial animosity against the Whites. I'm talking about Africans suing Whites for the slavery which was ended in the US in 1866 and the British Empire in the 1830's:

.....Descendants of black American slaves are preparing a multibillion-dollar action against Lloyd's of London, the best-known name in world insurance, for allegedly financing the trading fleets that uprooted them from their homelands and condemned them to generations of slavery in the New World.....

.......Black leaders are using DNA technology to link themselves with recorded slave ships and have enlisted Edward Fagan, the feared New York lawyer who extracted huge Nazi gold settlements from German and Swiss companies, to lead the case.

..........In Fagan, they have enlisted a lawyer who is already unpopular in a number of city boardrooms. As well as famously acting for Holocaust victims, he represents thousands of South Africans who are suing British, European and American firms for allegedly exploiting black workers under the apartheid regime. Among the British blue-chip companies being sued are Barclays Bank and BP. All deny the claims.....

Slave descendants sue Lloyd's for billions

There is little chance Fagan will sue all of those Jewish families who made their money from slavery. Maybe someone should ask how Fagan's family made their money.

African Fatigue Syndrome Strikes Another Teacher

It looks like another teacher may have snapped having to deal with African students:

SEATTLE - A science teacher at Cleveland High School has been placed on paid administrative leave while the local school district investigates allegations that he used racially inappropriate language to address students.....

District officials did not disclose any details about the remarks the teacher is accused of making.

The teacher, placed on leave March 12, is a white man, and the students involved are black, Seattle Public Schools spokeswoman Patti Spencer said Saturday.....

Seattle teacher investigated for racial remark

Will some attorney out there link up with a psychiatrist and sue for these poor teachers under the African Fatigue Syndrome medical theory. "Faganize" the school district.

More High School Diversity Enjoyment

Forcing groups together who don't want to be together leads to more pleasantness in another school system:

ITHACA -- Apprehension that racial tensions exist between some students at Ithaca High School was made clear this week by parents pulling their kids out of school, and students saying they're eager for conversation on the subject....

.....The most recent trigger for public outcry on the matter was a fight that occurred between white and African-American students Tuesday at the high school....

I have a feeling this involves some who read this page:

......"I think because of the fact that a kid brought in something that was racist, it was pinned on us, it was blamed on us," said Mike Jordan, an IHS student. He referred to a Thursday incident in which a student was sent home for wearing a white supremacist T-shirt....

Are you White and wear black T-shirts, Aryan Wear Polos and camouflage pants:

..........A frequent example brought up by some parents Thursday and Friday was the wearing of camouflage clothing, which they say symbolizes violence.

"Camouflage clothing has a threatening connotation," said Olivia Armstrong, who attended Friday's trip to the school.

Millie Clark-Maynard, a teacher at Beverly J. Martin Elementary School, said Thursday that camouflage should be banned from school. She reasoned that the nature of clothing distracts from the school's overall mission, which is education.

"The issue of students in certain dress is not so easy," Pastel said. "What's offensive to one person might not be offensive to another."

I know what you are thinking: “What about all the goofy, offensive stuff the Africans do?” Thank goodness someone brought it up and it was reported:

..........Williams, who is a hunting safety instructor, also took issue with the idea that camouflage clothing be banned, and with the idea that wearing it would be racially inflammatory.

"Kids involved in hunting and fishing wear camouflage," Williams said. "I see kids downtown that like to wear baggy pants, and bandanas, and wear their hats sideways," he said. "That's their right. That's their privilege and I don't have a problem with it. Just because they dress like that, I don't consider them racist." ..........

School pushes for race dialogue: Tension boils to surface following fight at Ithaca High

Editorialist Comments on National Alliance Flyers

In a discussion about Black History studies, double standards and multi-culturalism, a certain organization is mentioned:

.........Democratic grassroots theory postulates that the way to persuade fellow citizens as to the rightness of one's cause is to employ speech of an argumentative nature rather than the strong-arm violence regularly characterizing less civilized cultures. Interesting then that the Mayor of Annapolis, Maryland exhibited her own affinity for police state tactics when she urged residents to jot down the tag numbers and descriptions of members of the White supremacist National Alliance for distributing a flyer entitled "Missing: A Future For The White Child" (I wonder if the same was done about Jehovah's Witnesses prowling the neighborhood).

With immigration out of control and with the glee in which most of the nation's so-called "leaders" roll over on the issue, guess the publication's critics couldn't very well argue against its truthfulness and hope to maintain credibility. The placard is part of the "Love Your Race" awareness campaign of this controversial organization.....

.........If the Mayor of Annapolis wants to go Gestapo on those who don't happen to share in her "I'd Like To Buy The World A Coke" view of the world, perhaps for the sake of consistency she should call for the same tactics to used against the Wal-Mart PR department. If race doesn't really matter as the multiculturalists continually pound into White heads, why did Wal-Mart in cahoots with Kraft Foods produce a publication in commemoration of Black History Month entitled Strong Traditions And Soaring Dreams?..........

Gestapo?... not the Stasi or KGB? Unfortunately in our world, the average reader would have been programmed to think Gestapo means oppression and he would have no clue as to what the Stasi and KGB mean.

It can be safely said the Gestapo would have no problems with our flyers.

The Color Of Duplicity

Jewish Attorney Wants Whites Deprogrammed

The only ones that I know of that go totally irrational are the multi-culties and anti-racism types, who do anything to prevent anyone from hearing any facts and logic which conflict with their world view:

.....The psychological solace gained by projecting hatred outward comes at a great price — the destruction of the gift of rationality.

Hitler was not an evil genius: he was stupid. If his neurotic hatred of the Jewish people did not consume his rationality he might have won his quest for European domination.

William Pierce, founder of the white supremacist group the National Alliance, may have been a physics professor, but being able to understand the splitting of the atom does not necessarily mean that the genius understands the visible world.

Once it is understood that the defining feature of bigotry of any sort is stupidity, then the administration of criminal justice faces real problems.

It has not been confirmed who is committing this vandalism. It could be Jews trying to hype their victim hood and organize a Politically Correct crackdown or, it might be people who have reached the breaking point under Canadian law in which free speech is banned and vandalism is the only way to strike back.

Don't the Palestinians throw rocks at Jews also? The Jews just bring out the best in people:

Many afternoons while walking home from Hebrew day school [In Canada], my best friend and I would have rock fights with some of the local kids. Before I even knew what anti-Semitism meant, our opponents would be throwing rocks while screaming anti-Jewish slogans.....

Hate criminal needs deprogramming

Resources for Aryans

What have you done for the Cause today?

Lewis Stirling

27 March 04
The Colorado Hot Bead

The lead story of the March 25th news section describes a move by members of the Colorado legislature to pass a resolution in response to National Alliance flyering. In today's news section is another story in which the National Alliance is mentioned in Colorado. This is in a story about "hate" crimes instigated by the Orwellian named Anti-Defamation League. Now the story doesn't say National Alliance committed these crimes, it just lumps National Alliance in with the rest of the story:

.......The [ADL] report was released a day after the Mountain States Region found that the West Virginia- based National Alliance, which boasts of anti-immigrant and anti-Semitic sentiments, was responsible for derogatory leaflets against blacks and left in metro-area neighborhoods.

State Rep. Rosemary Marshall, D-Denver, said she will introduce a resolution by the end of the week condemning bigotry.

Hate crimes against Jews rise slightly in Colorado

A Corner on Education

National Alliance member Michael Weaver of Columbus, Georgia has a corner on education. Specifically it is his grandmother's corner lot across from the town's highschool and elementary school. Michael has a "Who Rules America?" sign posted there, and has been distributing National Alliance literature to the high school students and parents who come to pick up their children at the elementary school.

The school called the police. However, the African officer admitted Michael's activities were protected by the First Amendment and he had a right to distribute the literature.

So what is the point of this story? People in the US must use their First Amendment rights to the fullest extent possible. Many become frightened and rationalize why they shouldn't conduct outreach activities. But outreach activities are our protection. The more of us we educate, recruit and organize, the better off we are.

Many of our brethren are not protected by free speech laws. It may well be up to us in the US to operate like Radio Free Europe did during the Cold War and provide information and hope to those trapped behind the Politically Correct curtain.

Below is a story about young people in Germany who are in trouble for having music prohibited by the Social Marxists in control of Germany:

COPS IN GERMANY have arrested more than 300 neo-Nazi music file swappers who had been trading race hate music online.

The raids followed investigations into 342 people who had posted songs by skinhead bands that contained lyrics inciting racial hatred.

Inciting racial hatred, displaying Nazi emblems and performing the Hitler salute are crimes punishable by imprisonment in Germany....

"Inciting racial hatred" is a nice broad term which can cover opposition to immigration and political discussions of the race issues that the government doesn’t want discussed. Imagine a law which would prohibit inciting class hatred and one being thrown in jail because one thought the rich should pay more taxes. So much for democracy.

German neo-Nazis swap music online

Anger Should Be Channelled toward Productive Activities

Many Whites are extremely angry over what we are allowing the Third-Worlders and Jews to do to us. Some of us just reach the breaking point and lash out. This is especially true of teenagers. Frequently, crimes are committed in some misguided hope that the act will send a message and turn things around. More often, it results in an opportunity for the media to scare people about "racism" and legal problems for those who committed the acts.

It should be our goal to reach out, recruit and show "at risk youth" how to channel their rage in a positive legal way with National Alliance activities.

It is not known at this time whether this was a real or a sham "hate" crime:

ARLINGTON — An investigation into Wednesday's cross-burning at the home of a back minister is focusing on about a dozen teens possibly connected to other racial incidents in the area and at the high school, police say....

.......Police said yesterday they haven't identified specific suspects, but tips have pointed to a group of Arlington High School students known for racist views, said Arlington police Lt. Terry Quintrall.......

.......News of the cross-burning spread through the high school's halls yesterday. While most students said they were shocked by the event, others believed a large number of students who wear denim Carhartt, work-style clothing and live a "country" lifestyle are being unfairly targeted. In previous years, some of those students were known for displaying the Confederate flag — a Southern symbol that many associate with slavery and lynchings — in the backs of their trucks..........

Police suspect teen group in Arlington cross-burning

Talking about Possible Faked "Hate" Incidents

Now this has the smell of a faked incident designed to generate a Politically Correct crackdown and mandatory Politically Correct indoctrination sessions by the school. Ask the question "Who Benefits from such an act?"

Would a true racist use the term "minorities"?

Locate the students most vocal for doing something about the incidents and promoting "awareness", and they are probably the culprits.

ANNANDALE-ON-HUDSON - A recent spate of hate incidents at Bard College is under investigation by an independent ombudsman and has prompted the college to review the way it combats such behavior.....

........In one incident, someone wrote "I hate all minorities" on a corkboard in the campus center, and then, according to the letter, "proceeded to list, in the most derogatory language, which minorities they meant specifically.".......

Bard College probes 'string of hateful events'

Weisenthal Center Charges Jew with Anti-Semitism

The attacks on free speech continue and become more bizarre:

Norman Finkelstein, the American author of The Holocaust Industry, and his publisher, are being sued under French law against libel. The French edition (based on the English-language original) is considered actionable and replete with Holocaust revisionism and incitement to antisemitism....

.............."The Holocaust Industry presents a great danger. Mr. Finkelstein's thesis is an extremist attack on Jews in general, and American Jews in particular, accusing them of exploiting the suffering of the Shoah as 'a pretext for their crimes in the context of the Middle-East conflict.'......

Simon Wiesenthal Centre Testifies in Paris Libel Suit Against Norman Finkelstein

Black History Month at Ypsilanti High School Is Still Bringing Joy

Give them the rope and they will manage to hang themselves:

An Ypsilanti High School assembly marking Black History Month is still generating discussion about race relations at the school nearly a month after it occurred.

A parent has complained to the school board about the assembly, held Feb. 26, at the last two board meetings. That parent, Karen Taylor, a former school board member and often vocal critic of administrators, said her daughter came home from school in tears, saying she felt personally attacked by a black poet's poem that criticized white people....

Some gave the Black History Month event the respect it deserved:

......Sophomore DeVaughn Swanson, who is black, said the poem wasn't offensive, but the fact that some white students and teachers didn't seem to take the assembly seriously offended him. He doesn't think the school district does enough to teach African-American history on a regular basis....

What history might that be:

......."Nothing at that assembly that was said was offensive," Swanson said. "What's racist is the fact that I can go through my schooling never knowing the role African Americans played in inventing everyday things like the light bulb.".......

So Edison had an African helper. Edison was fully aware electricity was dangerous. Would one personally want to do certain things or maybe use someone expendable?

Poem launches ongoing talks on race

The students and their parents were upset by a poem which attacked Whites and used the term Nigger at the Black History Month event. Well maybe this poem could liven things up. It was created by the famous writer H.P. Lovecraft in 1913:

On the Creation of Niggers

When, long ago, the gods created Earth
In Jove's fair image Man was shaped at birth.
The beasts for lesser parts were designed;
Yet were too remote from humankind.
To fill the gap, and join the rest of Man,
Th'Olympian host conceiv'd a clever plan.
A beast they wrought, in semi-human figure,
Filled it with vice, and called the thing a Nigger.

I guess if they want to teach "Creationism" along with evolution in schools, they should allow a polytheistic version also. Genesis, Charles Darwin and H.P. Lovecraft studies would provide a well rounded education.

In closing, it must be said that Africans did play a major role in the invention of many anti-theft and safety/idiot proofing devices. However, it was not in the way they think.

Resources for Aryans

What have you done for the Cause today?

Lewis Stirling

25 March 04
National Alliance Flyers Must Be Hitting the Right Spot

State legislators are having fits over National Alliance's successful flyering operation in Colorado:

.....Rep. Joe Stengel, R-Littleton, left copies of a flier he found in his driveway for lawmakers. "These people are on a membership drive. If we don't stand up and talk about this, they will win," he said.....

....Rep. Angie Paccione, a Fort Collins Democrat who is half black, said she was infuriated by the fliers.

"We have to, as a state, say the National Alliance is not welcome in Colorado, because they believe they've found a resting place, they believe they've found a home in Colorado," she said....

As usual, the National Alliance was misidentified in the article as a White Supremacist and not a White Separatist organization.

Lawmakers Denounce Racist Recruiting Fliers

National Alliance Receives a Mention in the University of Georgia's Newspaper about the Attacks on Freedom of Speech at the University of Louisville

Students are told of the First Amendment:

Despite heated debate, University of Louisville President James Ramsey announced recently the university cannot legally ban groups like the Ku Klux Klan from campus....

Then the article ends with this very confusing and, on the face of it, incorrect statement:

.......The University responded to students' demands by banning groups such as the KKK and the National Alliance, a white supremacist group, from campus.

Certainly if the NAACP and other African faculty and student groups were willing to shut their operations down on the campus and disband, we might be willing to avoid carrying out operations on that campus. But they cannot demand groups representing the interests of Africans operate on the campus while denying Whites the same.

Louisville President says no to KKK ban

Showing the Sign of a Hooked Nose for Jews by the Deaf Is Now Considered Politically Incorrect

Political Correctness is now being demanded of the deaf in TV land:

Political correctness has caught up with sign language for deaf people. Gestures used to depict ethnic groups and religious minorities and homosexuals are being dropped because they are deemed offensive.

The abandoned signs include "Jewish", in which a hand mimes a hooked nose; the sign for "gay", a flick of a limp wrist; and "Chinese", in which the index fingertips pull the eyes into a slant. Another dropped sign is that for "Indian", which is a finger pointing to an imaginary spot in the middle of a forehead....

......Specialists in sign language have also pointed out that in China, the sign for a Westerner is a hand depicting a round eye, which has not sparked any criticism from deaf people in Britain......

A sign for the times: The deaf are being told to watch their language.

Africans Are Upset They Are Not Receiving Voter Money from the Government to Help Defeat the BNP

The nerve:

A NEW online voter registration drive targeted at Black communities has been launched, but the Electoral Commission has refused to support it.....

Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) communities are less likely to be registered to vote than white people, but a bid to combat the ‘democratic deficit’, a campaign group has begun an internet drive where people can register at the click of a mouse....

"Disenfranchisement" means they are too stupid, lazy or uninterested to register to vote and then to vote. This does not mean someone is stopping them like the term disenfranchisement means in normal usage:

....The Electoral Commission admitted that they had made no effort to target African-Caribbeans despite several studies showing those communities disproportionately disenfranchised.....

The main item on their agenda, the continued colonization of Europe by Third World life forms:

.....The proportional representation electoral system operating in the elections means voter turnout is now crucial to defeating the BNP. As a result, Black communities vote was more important than ever to halt the rise of the far-right British National Party (BNP) in the forthcoming European elections in June.

"The more black people who vote, the smaller the chance of the BNP has of winning."....

Internet black voter registration drive shunned by Electoral Commission

Who Will Protect You When the Crack Lab Explosion Sets Fire to the Ghetto?

There is just nothing like how diversity enriches our lives:

Responding to comments by fire union President James McNally that black firefighters might have been behind the recent racist radio broadcasts, black and Hispanic firefighters gathered in force outside Local 2 headquarters Tuesday and called for McNally's resignation.

Standing in the parking lot of the union's offices at 440 W. 43rd St., Battalion Chief Nick Russell announced a petition that was circulating through firehouses across the city calling for McNally's ouster......

..........A lone white firefighter stood on the perimeter of the circle made by protesters and the media. Fire Engineer Michael O'Neill raised his hand when Rev. Michael Pfleger of St. Sabina Catholic Church asked if there were any white firefighters at the rally.

While he disagreed with calling for McNally's resignation, O'Neill said he wanted to find a peaceful solution to the internal strife between the two groups....

Fire union chief challenged Protesters blast McNally's doubt over radio slurs

Primate Wrangler in Trouble

This is quite telling: As soon as this teacher said "Some animals can’t be trained", it was assumed he was referring to Africans as a whole and it was a racist comment:

NEW HAVEN — The school system is moving to fire a longtime Wilbur Cross High School science teacher who is accused of making a racist remark to a student.

Termination hearings began Tuesday against science teacher Hugh Kline Sr., who has been on paid suspension since Nov. 6.

Sources said Kline, who is white, allegedly was upset with a black student for refusing to pull off the hood of his sweatshirt in the hallway, a violation of school policy....

Teacher faces firing for alleged racial comment

More African Hypersensitivity

When Africans happen to good people:

.....Tim Tice, a white sophomore majoring in history, angered some at a March 2 Zeta Tau Alpha sorority fund-raiser that included his take on Jackson’s bawdy Super Bowl performance that left one of her breasts exposed.

Tice’s legs were painted black during the number, and that reminded some of a racist minstrel show.

Tice told about 40 students gathered at Tuesday's forum that his legs were painted black for a subsequent skit in which he wore a painted-on tuxedo, and he couldn’t wear pants for the Jackson skit because his legs had not yet dried.

I agree. White students should be sensitized that Africans are mindless simmering cauldrons of resentment and hate, and that anything no matter how well intentioned can set one off one of these hair trigger bombs. Africans should be avoided whenever possible, because one may explode:

....Some students said the fund-raiser and its aftermath show that more campus education on racial sensitivity is needed.

"Regardless of his intentions, there was a reaction,” said junior Adam Hark. "It’s not always about our intentions, but how we’re perceived."..

These minstrel shows came to an end when people were able to see real African culture on the TV show Cops:

.....In response to the incident, USC is beginning a program to educate campus groups on the history of minstrel shows, in which white performers dressed as blacks and satirized black culture....

University of South Carolina students hear apologies

Jews and Immigration

A while back I defined a neo-conservative as someone who was concerned about Israel's borders but not the US's borders.

The Jews frequently support immigration as a way of dissolving the societies in which they are operating, thus making them easier to control.

The U.S. politicians, who cater to the Jews' desires, proclaim their support for a Jewish Israel. There will be no Palestinian majority, which threatens the Jewishness of Israel. Meanwhile, these same politicians are more than happy to allow the U.S. to be overrun with Third-World life forms and loose its European majority base.

However, some Jews are having second thoughts. They realize that the pirate state Israel exists because of the intense economic, military and diplomatic support the US provides it. Israel provides a safe haven for the Jewish mafia, and the numerous business and criminal operations the Jews operate across the world. Now, if due to immigration, the base of support for Israel is undercut in the US, a whole chain of events could occur leading to disaster for the Jews. Jews control things due to their organization in European based America and the belief by many Protestant sects that they are "God's Chosen". But what happens with the flood into the US of Catholic Mestizos and Third-World Moslems who hold Jews in negative regard? What will happen to Jewish power when these groups dominate?

This is a piece from a Jewish publication in which a Jew in finds Third-World immigration and President Bush's immigration proposal to be a liability:

The overwhelming of America

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Lewis Stirling

24 March 04
National Alliance Flyers Blanket Peteluma

Let's take this sub-headline apart:

Residents angry after white supremacist literature left anonymously in neighborhoods

Most communities have their neighbourhood Politically Correct busybodies, who know how to run everyone else's lives. No doubt they called in to the media to complain. But as we know from the Internet traffic, many more people visit and revisit our sites. Many are sympathizers and become educated from the visits.Others eventually become National Alliance members.

These operations are not like political campaigns in which a candidate tries to make 50%+1 like him and avoid more than 50%-1 from hating him. All we need is the 4% of the White population for a critical mass.

As usual, National Alliance was described incorrectly as "White Supremacist" instead of a "White Separatist" organization. This is because supremacist tends to remind people of slavery and domination. Separatist sounds like people who will go off somewhere and not bother others. The writer of the article wants things to sound menacing. National Alliance is a White Separatist organization. In this age of automation and technology, why try to manage a group of Third-World life forms to do work?

Then there is the extra menacing angle. The flyers were left "anonymously". The name and contact information was on the flyer. It is clear members or sympathisers of which organization left the flyers and the reason for leaving the flyers. As far as the actual names of the people distributing, how many people know the names of their postman or the person who distributes the pizza, lawn service or political candidate flyers?

The Brunns said they were unsettled by the idea that the person delivering the fliers had surveyed the neighborhood in advance. The fliers were delivered only to the homes of white people, skipping two Spanish-speaking families and a Hindu woman on the block.

There are probably telltale signs of who lives in the houses of which the Brunns were too dense to figure out. Did the house have a statue of a purple god that has eight arms? Maybe Hindus live there. Are the houses and yards wrecks with blaring Mexican music pouring out of the houses with stickers of Mexican, El Salvadorian and Honduran flags on the cars? Maybe "Hispanics" live there.

Racist fliers circulated in Rohnert Park, Petaluma

More Coverage on a National Alliance Flyering

Again the National Alliance was misidentified as a White Supremacy group:

The fliers were apparently downloaded from the Web site of an organization called the National Alliance, a West Virginia-based white supremacy group. Last fall, fliers with the National Alliance logo appeared in driveways in Fort Thomas.

Incompetence of the writer is the most gracious explanation. But this happens too much, so I suspect this is intentional.

Racist fliers left in Villa Hills subdivision driveways

In Order to Prove It Is Not Racist, the Australian Government Has Agreed to Take in Larger Numbers of Incompatible Life Forms

Isn't it interesting how racist refugees are. They will bypass numerous countries inhabited by Third-World life forms which could provide them refuge only to arrive in a predominately White country like Australia:

AN extra 2,000 refugees will settle in Australia every year under the federal government's increased intake.

Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone announced the increase as the government moved to quash claims it was racist.

Refugee places will be boosted to 6,000 in 2004-05, up from 4,000 this year, while Australia's humanitarian program would rise from 12,000 places to 13,000.....

Boost for refugee numbers

More Politically Correct Censorship

Educrats decide to crackdown on Confederate flags at a school that is 99% White:

HUDSON, N.C. (AP) - Racial tensions intensified at a Caldwell County high school in recent weeks, prompting a crackdown on T-shirts with the Confederate flag on them, school officials said.

Fifteen students were sent home Monday from South Caldwell High for violating the dress code, principal Byron Jones said. He said the students ignored a letter sent home last week announcing the crackdown, beginning Monday....

Caldwell County school cracks down on Confederate T-shirts

Thought Cyber-Crimes

The democratic in name countries fearful of an outbreak of civil liberties are ready to implement their anti-racist Cyber-Crime Convention. Apparently the governments consider their reasoning positions are so weak in this area, they are forced to avoid allowing their citizens hear any discussion of the topic:

The Council of Europe’s Convention on Cybercrime is set to enter into force on 1st July following its ratification by Lithuania last Thursday. The Convention is the first international treaty on criminal offences committed against or with the help of computer networks....

....It also contains an Additional Protocol that makes it a criminal offence to disseminate racist or xenophobic propaganda via computer networks – although this had to be separated from the main text to avoid alienating the US, where it would likely be deemed inconsistent the country's Constitutional right of free speech....

News Cybercrime Convention in force from July

Georgetown University Revisits "Diversity"

Institutions which hold artificial ideologies, those that run counter to biological and social forces, must constantly renew their efforts:

......"While Georgetown can be justly proud of many past efforts to create and sustain an inclusive community, we have been reminded … that this is a commitment that every generation of students, faculty and staff must renew," University President John J. DeGioia said in a broadcast e-mail to students the week before spring break....

Someone once described a fanatic as someone who having found something doesn't work redoubles his efforts.

In order to talk about racism, African only race based organizations make their demands known:

.....At a town-hall meeting Monday night, student leaders from the Black Student Alliance and the Georgetown chapter of the NAACP, led a dialogue with students to discuss the university’s proposals and the steps that have been taken against racism so far....

The dialogue was probably a monologue, because no one would dare speak up for White interests. To put it into "PoliticallyCorrectSpeak", it was a racially hostile environment for Whites.

University Outlines Steps To Address Intolerance

Tolerance in this Orwellian world means dissent from Political Correctness will not be tolerated. Intolerance, on the other hand, means dissent is allowed. The most intolerant people in the world are those demanding "tolerance".

The Michigan War over Affirmative Action

The Civil Rights Industry doesn't even believe in the old snake oil of "equality", so why should you? All of the civil rights groups are out fighting this initiative:

...The petition drive for the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative — a ballot initiative to end the use of race, sex and ethnicity in public education, employment and contracting — will soon begin in all parts of the state, according to MCRI officials.

If the initiative obtains 317,757 signatures by July 6, Michiganders will vote in November on amending the state constitution to ban " racial and gender preferences."....

What an opportunity to explore the issue.

Both sides get set for ballot fight

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Lewis Stirling

23 March 04
White May Have Been Murdered because Police Feared Political Correctness

We have been following the story of Kriss Donald of Glasgow, Scotland, who had been murdered by a gang of "Asians". The Politically Correct media and social busybodies had latched onto the story because of their fear that the British National Party would become involved and the murder would inflame racism.

Now for some very interesting information:

...But one of the most disturbing factors to emerge from the case is the revelation that police did have a dedicated team looking into Asian gang culture - yet closed it down six months ago amid fears that it would not appear to be politically correct.

They felt it wouldn’t look good if they were seen to be investigating solely Asians.

I hope for Glasgow’s sake (it' s too late for Kriss) this is untrue, but it has a nasty ring of authenticity about it.

Scotland will be a pleasant, non-racist community when everyone is treated equally. That cannot be achieved by putting Asians, or anyone else, above the law.

Did the Untouchables feel it was politically incorrect to pursue the Mafia because they were Italian? Is it incorrect to investigate members of the IRA because they are Irish and Catholic? If a gang of kids are terrorising and vandalising their sink estate, is it wrong to pursue them because they are underprivileged?....

Political Correctness continues to kill. It would be interesting to try to calculate the number of people killed by "White racism" as opposed to "anti-racism".

Minorities must not be beyond justice

More on Police Fearing Political Correctness

Here in the U.S., we are quite familiar with law enforcement being hobbled by Political Correctness:

..... The fact that police departments around the country have gone to great lengths to hire and promote based on diversity is of no consequence. A charge of racism against the police is all one needs to get the attention of the ACLU, the Justice Department, or the editors of major newspapers.......

.......Bill Clinton, Janet Reno, George W. Bush, and John Ashcroft have at least one thing in common: all launched crusades against this enigma [racial profiling]. It’s an enigma because empirical research has yet to prove that racial profiling, to the extent that it has been reported, even exists....

The Battle Over Racial Profiling

AIDS Partially Destroying Threat to the UK

Although the importation of Africans into White areas is a bio-hazardous threat to White society and the gene pool, there is some good news in that many of these African imports are self destructing due their own bio-hazard, AIDS:

A SHOCK report by the British government has revealed that half of new HIV cases reported in Britain came from Zimbabwean immigrants, New can reveal today

The Health Protection Agency which monitors communicable diseases, warned that up to half of new cases diagnosed in 2002 came from Zimbabwe, with women being diagnosed at twice the rate of men....

.....Until now many doctors and politicians have fought shy of highlighting the issue, fearing it could be twisted for racist propaganda purposes. .....

It makes one wonder, that if Whites just wait long enough, the whole Zimbabwe problem will self resolve.

Zimbabwe immigrants account for half of Aids cases in UK

Cal Tec Attacked for Recruiting Students by Merit

Since intelligence, creativity, talent and drive are not distributed equally among the races and ethnic groups, one would expect that schools of higher learning would not reflect the same ethnic and racial percentages of the population as a whole. This is causing quite a problem for those into the diversity religion:

.......Cal Poly San Luis Obispo is widely regarded as the academic star of the California State University system and ranks as one of the best regional universities in the West. It regularly competes for strong students against top UC schools. And it often wins.

Yet by another measure, Cal Poly falls short when compared with other selective California schools: its enrollment of blacks, Latinos and Native Americans.

Only 12.9% of Cal Poly's undergraduates belong to those traditionally underrepresented minority groups, according to the latest data collected from the vast majority of students. That is the lowest rate among the 30 California public universities with comprehensive undergraduate programs.......

Oh horrors, imagine a system based on merit:

.....The campus "is monochromatic, with mostly white people," said Dan Guerrant, a white senior majoring in aerospace engineering, voicing one of his few complaints about the school.

Cal Poly provides a case study in what can happen when a highly selective school, prohibited from considering applicants' race and ethnicity, makes few allowances for weighing other personal qualities in the admissions process.

Cal Poly admits students largely by the numbers — grade point averages and test scores. Admissions decisions are so automated that applicants don't even submit an essay, and no one in the admissions office actually reads a typical application....

Of course it is a backdoor affirmative action system, that is why they have it:

.....The contrast with UC schools is striking. They consider such factors as students' ability to overcome socioeconomic disadvantages and other hardships — a process that can be subjective and lately has proved controversial. Two regents have questioned whether the system amounts to backdoor affirmative action....

It may be the "academic star" of the system now, but it looks like the diversity crowd may find a way to reduce its glow.

Diversity Lagging at Cal Poly: A largely automated admissions process hinders minority applicants at San Luis Obispo campus.

Mel Gibson on the Holocaust

Note that Gibson: (1) implies there are quite a few survivors, (2) points out many other people were killed during WW II and (3) brings up the fact of the Judeo-Communist created genocide in the Ukraine:

....Readers Digest: The Holocaust happened, right?

Gibson: I have friends and parents of friends who have numbers on their arms. The guy who taught me Spanish was a Holocaust survivor. Yes, of course. Atrocities happened. War is horrible. World War Two killed tens of millions of people. Some of them were Jews in concentration camps. In the Ukraine, several million starved to death between 1932 and 1933....

Now he is really on the Jews' bad side. Readers of the Reader's Digest may be thinking: (1) Yeah, there are a lot of people who survived the systematic killing or maybe so many people survived because there wasn't a systematic killing. (2) A lot of other people died in the war. Why should the Jews demand all of the attention? (3) What Ukranian starvation? Why weren't we told? Why is the Holocaust hyped over this?

Face to Face with Mel Gibson By Peggy Noonan

The Politically Correct Media Turns on One of Its Own

This editorial writer is mauled by a television station trying to create a racial victimization story and the editorial writer knows it:

Making a mountain out of the proverbial molehill seems to take up a lot of people's time these days. In some respects we have become such a peevish society that folks can't (or won't) let their guard down long enough to enjoy the intended humor in life.

Sadly, in many regards, it is simply political correctness run amok. In 2004, we run the risk of offending or alienating certain people or groups if we utter (or, in my case, write) something that hasn't been run through the censor meter.

And often it matters not what may be intended. If something's said that somebody doesn't like, or which can easily be misconstrued, we can be assured there is always someone eager to begin playing their politically correct saw....

Thing are getting bad when the media has gone into a cannibalization mode.

Getting carried away with political correctness

Social Marxist Believe People Shouldn't Be Focussed on Certain Things While Voting

Many political commentators in the U.S. often commented elections should be held on the same day taxes were due in order to assure that many of the voters would be in the right mood and focussed for the election.

Something similar has happened in Ireland on the immigration issue:

THE Government [Irish Republic] is to press ahead with a controversial referendum on citizenship on the same day as the local and European elections, despite widespread calls to defer it due to concerns that it could heighten racist fears....

.....Speaking at the launch of an anti-racism campaign by the National Consultative Committee on Racism and Interculturalism (NCCRI) they expressed fears that the proposal to amend the Constitution on citizenship could be used by some candidates in the local and European elections for their own purposes.....

.....It is believed the Government plans to put forward a constitutional amendment which would mean non-national parents of children born here will have to be living in Ireland for a fixed period before their children could claim Irish citizenship. It is understood that a period of between three and five years will be recommended.

Socialist Party TD Joe Higgins said the threat of racism would increase if the Government attempted to "hijack" the elections by staging the referendum on the same day.........

Citizenship referendum to be held despite fears of racism

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Lewis Stirling

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